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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

VOL. Issue 12H
The Heart Attack Grill
If The Food Doesn't Kill
The Waitresses Will
The Heart Attack Grill of Tempe, Arizona has drawn some more attention to itself. Some time back, you may remember we featured their menu consisting of "Bypass Burgers" and Flat liner Fries. Well, now the place is getting flack for the uniform of the waitresses. The servers are made to look like scantily clad nurses. The Arizona Nurses Association does not look upon that kindly. If fact they say this is nothing more than a cheap imitation of "Hooters". All of us here at the Holabird Advocate have never been to this Hooters place, but it sounds like they serve owl, which doesn't sound all that good.
SDBWM Restores Contact
It was such a thrill for our Publisher to see that the one and only SDBWM has commented on our article in the previous edition pertaining to his old South Dakota Blog Watch website. He has assured us that the sorry state of the website is not his doing. He also told our Publisher that we would "See you soon". Maybe he is interested in the "Consolidated Feces" idea that was also mentioned there. Most likely not, because truth be told, our Publisher just pulled that idea out of his-well, you know where that stuff comes from.
Enter The Jesus Sweepstakes
The Kingdom of Heaven is having a contest called the Jesus Sweepstakes! The prize is eternal life in a mansion with God as your Heavenly Father! To enter, you must make Jesus the Lord of your life! You better hurry! This contest could end at any moment! Few will enter, but all will win! Contest winners will be notified when Jesus comes back personally to take them to their new home! Don't delay! Enter now! Angels are standing by!
Next Year's Calendar
As the year comes quickly to a close, it is becoming obvious that the chance of having The Ditty Bops Calendar is looking less and less likely. Mary Hinkle, Holabird Advocate Photo Editor, believes that a John Deere Tractor Calendar would be more apropos. We wanted to see what the Readers had to say.
Which Calendar would you rather see featured in the Holabird Advocate?
John Deere Tractors
The Ditty Bops
Neither One
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