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Saturday, December 09, 2006

VOL. V Issue 12G
Publisher Named To Committee
With the election over, bloggers are now so starved to talk about something that they have to talk about other bloggers. Over at South Dakota Watch, Todd Epp has big plans that include forming a blue ribbon blogging committee to figure out a new name for his blogging website.
As you can read here, thanks to Nick Nemec, Our Publisher is one of the members of this group: http://thunewatch.squarespace.com/sdwatch/2006/11/13/owner-of-sd-watch-contemplates-name-change-to-sd-pssing-match-watch.html#comment582984
Since Holabird Advocate Publisher has only heard of roughly half of those folks, he will enter his submission before the committee meetings start. Jerry believes that Mr. Epp should change the name of his site to "Consolidated Feces". Then his motto could be, "We have our $#!^ together". As a freelance blogging consultant, Jerry could charge up to $250,000 for this kind of expertise, but Mr. Epp can have that one for free.
While he's on a hot streak here, There is one person who needs to get into the world of blogging. We have Steve Hemmingsen, and until the end of the month we'll have Doug Lund. Keloland has given Dave Dedrick the back of their hand. But you know that "Today's Man of the Future" needs his own blog. He still has some crew members out there who'd log on to keep in touch. So, Mr. Dedrick, sir, think about it. Have your people call my people. This could happen!
Christmas Angel Visits Hyde County
A nursing student in the Hyde County area was recently given $500 in cash by someone in a letter and wrote her that God had told them to give her the money. The letter had no return address, and was unsigned. The postmark gave no clue to the writers origin as well.
We will not identify the lady in question, just in case someone from the IRS is Reading. If God wanted them involved, he'd have given her a check and would send a W-2 next year. As it is, we'll let her decide who else needs to know who she is. Don't forget to tithe!
SDBWM Returns?
Todd Epp has also recently speculated that the South Dakota Blog Watch Man could be due for a second comeback. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are hoping that he will, like Superman, shine the light of Truth, Justice, and the American way after his 18 month absence. His website is still up, but we detect the presence of a female influence on the current format. check it out at http://www.southdakotablogwatch.blogspot.com/ and see for yourself.


I have nothing to do with that site. Sorry. See you soon.
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