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Thursday, December 07, 2006
VOL. V Issue 12E
Death Comes to the Hinkles Once Again
Yesterday morning, the Hinkle family discovered that Reba, the family dog, was dead. As it happens, yesterday was Saint Nicholas Day, so once again Santa Claus has struck. This time taking a dog away from two three young children. Actually, Kristi Hinkle reports that she has been sick for a couple of days. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish to offer the Hinkle kids our thoughts and prayers anyhow.
Hinkles Caught In Conflict
The highlight of Holabird's Christmas season is the Nemec Christmas Party. This year, the party is on December 15. This is the same day that Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle is scheduled to perform at the Hyde County Courthouse. It will be interesting to see how he balances the two events. One thing is sure, he'll eat too much both places.
Another conflict is a more immediate case of overbooking. Mary Hinkle has an eye appointment tomorrow morning, and tomorrow afternoon the Doctor Stagg is coming to preg test cows. Hopefully Darrel Hinkle can work around that. Jerry Hinkle can substitute for Mary when it comes to chasing cattle, but keeping records is one area where she is not replaceable.
Everything seems to happen at once, doesn't it!
Williams and Ree: A Must See Show
by Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
South Dakota Public Television will bring South Dakota's funniest comedy team, Williams and Ree, the Indian and the White Guy, Jake and the Fat Man (though nobody knows which is which these days), to the small screen for a two hour show that will tickle your funny bone (and hopefully, your money bone).
Their act has been called politically incorrect, and it is. But it's funny, maybe because it is politically incorrect. They have an uncanny ability to talk about different ethnic backgrounds in a way that is both funny, and yet harmless. In a way they help us laugh at ourselves. Whether you are a Native American or an Immigrant American, you'll get a chuckle or at least a smile from their comedy. Just remember, as they say in their disclaimer, "We are all the same". Anyone want to bet they mention Bill Janklow at least once? Didn't think so!
They also have some pretty good songs to sing as well. Although most likely nothing you haven't heard from them over and over again. It's a given that they'll do "Running Bear", "The Ding-Dong Song", And maybe even "Across the Alley From the Alamo".
As much as I like Williams and Ree, I wish I had known them back when they were sang gospel music. That was back in 1968. I was too young to listen back then. When I first discovered them back in 1981, they did a bit called "How Kola Dialogue" which made me want to learn the Lakota tongue. Even 25 years later I remember that routine. Funny stuff!

Mary Jo and I saw Williams and Ree at the casino in Fort Thompson about a one month after Janklow had his accident. What was their explaination for the events that transpired? Bad karma. I split a gut laughing and nearly blew beer out my nose.
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