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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy Doug Lund Day!
Doug Lund Retires After 32 Years With Keloland
by Jerry Hinkle, Holabird Advocate Publisher
It all started, according to legend, when a young boy in Volga, South Dakota asked of Captain 11 "How's the television business?". The Captain's reported reply was, "Well kid, I think it's here to stay!". That boy grew to manhood and joined Captain 11 and the rest of the Keloland family and for 32 years has been looking Keloland viewers in the eye, and telling them what he knew to be true. He spent 16 years beside Steve Hemmingsen, and another 16 years beside Angela Kennecke. And now, he has decided to leave the stage, so to speak before he is thrown off.
Doug Lund has come to mean a great deal to a lot of folks over the years. He was always a welcome visitor at the Ponderosa living room at 6 and 10, and even at 5, even though I am still mad at the "Early News", as it was called when it started, for replacing reruns of "My Three Sons" during that time slot. I didn't warm up to it until another channel moved "Jeopardy" to another time slot. "Early News" still is no "30" either
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish Mr. Lund well on his retirement, we also wish his replacement well. If whoever it is lasts half that long, and does half as well, I'll be pleased.
Governor Marion Michael Rounds has declared today "Doug Lund Day" in the State of South Dakota. What a great idea! I wish I'd thought of it. WAIT! I DID THINK OF IT!!!!!!
I also thought of having Mr. Lund as a "10 Questions With..." Guest, but it's too late to ask him now. I guess those questions will go unanswered.
I shall end my Doug Lund Day celebration by raising my glass at 6:30 and toasting Mr. Lund with a verse and two counterfeit choruses of "Ein Prosit" I hope all of my fellow Kelolanders will join me, wherever they are as we say "So Long" to Doug Lund!

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