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Monday, October 30, 2006
VOL. V Issue 10O
Publisher Gets 10,000th G-mail Message
Way back when the Holabird Advocate opened a G-mail account, we wanted to see if we could fill up the 1 GB of memory. Since then we have been given almost 3 GB, which we only have 15% full. Saturday afternoon, we got our 10,000th piece of G-mail. As it happens, it was spam written in an Asian language. We figure it's either Chinese or Japanese. At least it wasn't another ad for Viagra.
Cold Tin Roof Done Halfway
Darrel Hinkle and his family have started putting tin on the roof of house he is living in. The Hinkle kids could have made $1000 if they'd had a cuss jar at the job site. The north side of the roof is on. Darrel did manage to get the crew out on Sunday. Despite Jerry Hinkle's misgivings nothing too bad happened. Mary Hinkle cut her hand on the tin, but she didn't bleed. Darrel measured wrong on one sheet. Jerry bent one of the sheets, but he is reasonably sure that everyone has forgotten which sheet it was. What there is of the tin roof looks nice. The kids noticed it was white. Jerry told them that it should keep the snow on the roof.
Circulation Department Reports
Another Reader Satisfied Reader
Rita Sporrer of Denver, Colorado has publicly admitted that she reads the Holabird Advocate. She remembers that our Publisher's grandmother, Bergit Hinkle, and her grandmother, Josie Sporrer were real good friends. She also talked of how she and her friends always referred to Holabird as "Hollywood". And we thought that we invented that!
Prayers Working For Morgen Hoffman
The little baby girl who was given a 30-40% chance of living is doing better. Her heart seems to be getting stronger. Kristi Hinkle reports that Morgen may have to go to a children's hospital in Texas to have a tumor removed from her neck. As we understand it, this is routine. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate keep Morgen and her family in our prayers.

Hey Jerry, I can't read Chinese or Japanese but maybe it was a Viagra ad!
They have something better! As I understand it, they use a bear's gall bladder, pancreas, or some such thing!
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