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Friday, October 27, 2006

VOL. V Issue 10N
Could this be Mrs. Jerry Hinkle?
Meet Elena. She lives in Russia. She has randomly G-mailed our Publisher with an interesting offer. She has asked to be married to our Publisher sight unseen, providing he will send her the $500 necessary to bring her from Russia to beautiful downtown Holabird (which airline does that anyhow?). At this time, our Publisher has to think it over. Certain red flags (if you'll pardon the expression) went up during his perusal of the proposal. Little details as to what if this photo is not of her and she looks more like Nina Khrushchev then La Femme Nakita? What if she changes her mind once she got here? The Holabird lifestyle isn't for everyone, ya know. The real sticking point seems to be the $500. Perhaps with him being a man of faith, he will do something religious like taking up a collection.
Repairing the House of Goehring
The Hinkle family is getting ready to put a new roof on the house at the old Goehring place. Charles Goehring build the house to last, and last it has for almost 80 years. But a hail storm knocked some holes in the roof, so the current occupant, Darrel Hinkle, who is the great grandson of Charles Goehring is getting building materials and a crew together to repair the damage. They are hoping that the weather this weekend cooperates with them and they can get it all done. Harold Hinkle wants to work on Sunday, but Jerry Hinkle doesn't because he believes that something bad will happen.
Letter to the Publisher
by Rem & Marla McGeorge
of Miller, South Dakota
Our family thinks Miller is an awesome place to live and quite frankly, there's a lot of good people who reach out to others when the need is there. There's a good balance of compassion and common sense here. We're all probably getting a little tired already of political ads and rhetoric but we're also glad we're in a country where we can vote and our vote does count. So hang in there with us while we give our view of 4 issues on the ballot that we feel strongly about.
1) "Medicinal Marijuana" bill. Compassion says "we don't want people to suffer if there's a way to help them." Common sense says this bill goes way beyond that. The way this bill is written, even I could get my "certificate" because I have "chronic pain" (somewhere in my medical file you'll find a place where it says "patient c/o chronic pain) so I could grow 6 plants, carry an ounce and smoke it wherever and whenever I want. Also the way this bill is worded, I could appoint my son (or friend) as "caregiver" (even though I don't need a caregiver) and HE could do the same. Our opinion? This bill is NOT a bright idea.
2) The "Hold Judges Accountable" bill. Compassion says "There's been people hurt by bad decisions, yes, Judges need to be held accountable." Common sense looks at this bill and says "Hold your horses!" The way it's worded, not only judges could be sued by every person in jail, but so could anyone who set on the jury; any school board member; any County Commissioner or City Council member. Plus, there are already resources available to hold Judges accountable. Good bill? I don't think so.
3) The "Gay Marriage" amendment. Compassion says homosexuals need to be treated fairly and with the respect all people need. They need jobs, they need friends, they need places to live and just like all other people, there are good people amongst them and jerks. Common sense says "They don't need a marriage certificate and we don't need to approve a lifestyle that was never and will never be "natural". As far as changing the constitution, it shouldn't be needed ... But unfortunately it is.
4) The abortion bill. Compassion says "help those who have been raped or victims of incest or those who may die from the pregnancy" Common sense says "you betcha!" Despite what opponents ads say, this bill DOES provide options for that and in a much less barbaric way than ripping arms and legs off a baby with a beating heart (at 20 days) and brainwave (at 40 days) ... A baby that FEELS the pain. As far as the "Healthy Family" group goes, I like the question posed to them by an Aberdeen Dr. "Tell me, what's healthy about a DEAD baby?" Thanks for letting us air our views.
Publisher's Notes
by Jerry Hinkle
This may be a good time to remind people of the Holabird Advocate Editorial Policy. I have never refused a request to publish anything in this Newsblog that fit a certain two-fold criteria. Firstly, whoever writes something for publication here must remember that my grandmother reads this, so no profanity. Also, they must be willing to claim it as their own, so nothing by that great author, Anonymous. After all, I put my name on what I write, so should anyone who submits an article to me.
I will entertain submissions from anyone on either side of any issue in this election, just to make it fair. This will happen until noon on Monday, November 6. I will not be publishing a "Voter Guide" this year, telling how I am voting and why. The reason for this is something my dad told me. "They call it a secret ballot for a reason," is what he said. There are some people and issues that I have supported in the past that I will continue to support in the Front Page of the Holabird Advocate. I may vote that way, and I may not. Maybe I just like to keep the Readers guessing. One thing I'll tell you right now is that I can't wait for this election to be over so we can get ready to vote for a new President in '08!

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