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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

VOL. V Issue 10M
Ms. Amanda is Back in Black
After a brief hiatus, The Ditty Bops are touring again. They are doing gigs mostly in southern California. The hometown crowd is glad to see the Ladies perform live again after having to share them with the rest of the nation.
The Ditty Bops have made a few changes in the act. The most noticeable change is Ms. Amanda's hair color. She has gone from her glorious Purple (or is it Violent) back to her natural hair color: brunette. How do we know this is her natural color? Well, you'll just have to take our word for it. The big question this year is, "What is the bikini on the calendar cover made of?" Near as we can tell it is either cabbage or lettuce. One thing is for sure, our Publisher would rather wear vegetables than eat them. Harold Hinkle is mildly curious as to how, or even if, the Ladies made a bikini out of carrots. Where there's a will, there's a way.
"E.E. Hinkle: The Movie"?
Jerry Hinkle heard about a 90 minute documentary on HBO called "Mr Conservative: Goldwater" It was filmed by C.C. Goldwater about her grandfather, Barry "in your guts, you know he's nuts" Goldwater. This got Jerry to thinking (which is dangerous in the best of circumstances, let alone this one) that he could probably squeeze E.E. Hinkle's 103 years of life into 90 minutes. All he needs to start is a video camera. Jerry has a digital camcorder on his Christmas list-among other things.
HBO just happened to have a free weekend, so on Sunday morning,Jerry recorded the film in the DVR. He'll watch it for inspiration until he gets the camcorder.
North of 40: Choice Memories
by Red Green
Looking back over my life and the lives of my friends, I have to say that choice is largely overrated. The things that have worked out for me are the things over which I had no control. Like the value of my house or the woman I married. Whereas when I got to express my free will and actually made choices, things didn't go so well. I'm talking about the Beatle haircut and the Speedo. I think, for most of us, there's a kind of destiny that guides our lives, and it's futile to fight that. It's like making plans for the weekend before checking with your wife.
They say people succeed by making the right choices in their lives, but I disagree.
I think people succeed by adapting to the choices that have been made for them.
I do understand, though, that people feel stifled without choices. So life unfolds in such a way that we think we're making choices even though we're not. In fact, our entire election system is based on that principle.

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