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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
VOL. V Issue 10I
South Dakota Billionare Wants to Die Broke
This is a Job For Reverend Jerry Hinkle
The Dakota Radio Group reports that Forbes Magazine says T. Denny Sanford of Sioux Falls, one of the richest people in the State, wants to die broke. Sanford is known for his generosity. He's given several million dollars away for various causes in recent years. Sanford gained his fortune by starting First Premier Bank in 1986, and turning it into a national credit card giant. He has an estimated worth is $2.5 Billion, putting him at #117 on the Forbes 400 list of America's wealthiest people.
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate would suggest that Mr. Sanford make the Reverend Jerry Hinkle his financial and spiritual advisor. Mr. Sanford is 70 years old, so he's only got 30 years or so to do this thing. For more information on Mr. Sanford you can go to his Forbes profile here: forbes.com/lists/2006/54/biz_06rich400_T-Denny-Sanford_Z7JF.html
New Taxi For Come 2 Jesus Ministries
The Come 2 Jesus Taxi Service has a brand new Cab. Well, not BRAND new, but new enough until Jesus (or Mr. T. Denny Sanford) comes through with a Dodge Viper. This one is a 1989 Buick Park Avenue. It doesn't look like much, but it starts without either prayer or jumper cables (prayer is still recommended once the car is put into gear).
It is hoped that we can get a photo of the taxi cab published into our little Newsblog, but Holabird Advocate Photo Editor, Mary Hinkle evidently can't get that close without the smell of rotten eggs overtaking her (the car needs a little more work)
The Hinkle family took the Taxi to Highmore today, with Harold Hinkle driving (Oh he with little faith! Why does he doubt?) and it made the trip just fine. They went to the Senior Center for Meals on Wheels, then to various places to pay bills and so forth, but they were too ashamed to take it to the come Hahn Inn for Agnes Hahn's eyes to behold for some reason. They never even offered to take her out to dinner. There's always next time!
Christopher Glenn "In The News " for the Last Time
The CBS Evening News reported last night that Radio Newsman, Christopher Glenn, died this past week, a victim of liver cancer. He was 68. The name may not sound familiar to most, but his voice was most distinct. He was the off camera anchor for the CBS children's program, "In The News" from 1971-1978. Glenn will be inducted posthumously into the Radio Hall of Fame on November 4.
In honor of Mr. Glenn, "In The News" will be on the short list of possible new names for our little Newsblog should the home office move to Mitchell next year. For a small sample of Mr. Glenn's work go to this site: www.quartzcity.net/~chris/blogpicts/in_the_news.mp3
North of 40: Gambling man
by Red Green
"Experience is something you don't get
until just after you need it."
I went to a casino recently and was shocked at the number of guys my age who frequented the place. I would have thought we were all a little long in the tooth to be risking the family fortune at slot machines and blackjack tables. I understand we're also the biggest customer group for lottery tickets.
I think I have an explanation for this apparent lunacy. At our age, if the plan's not working, we need a new one. Yes, we understand that the rewards in life come from hard work and consistent effort. But that's in the long run.
After you hit middle age, you don't have a long run; you have a short walk. From the car to the casino.

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