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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
VOL. Issue 10H
October Surprise For South Dakota
All the students at the South Dakota War College are waiting with baited breath to see what Professor Powers of that esteemed institution has to report tomorrow. The good Professor claims it's a big story involving a Democrat in the South Dakota State Senate who, it appears has done something rather unspeakable.
You won't hear anything more about it here, so if this sort of thing appeals to you, then tomorrow sometime you can go to the South Dakota War College website at www.dakotawarcollege.blogspot.com and read more about it. To his credit, the Professor does not appear to be looking forward to making this information public, but he will.
Walt Disney Was Right-It's a Small World
One of Holabird Advocate's most valuable Readers, Joan Hansen, reported that she was interested in your endorsement of Ruth Wood. It seems that Joan saw her picture in the Highmore Herald and when she saw her picture, Joan realized that she knew her. They graduated from Augustana together in 19?? (no need in giving too much information away). Joan wrote to Mrs. Wood to tell her that she had family in the Highmore area. Ruth wrote back that she would appreciate her families support in the upcoming election. Joan's nephew, Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, worked with Mrs. Wood at the Census Bureau during the summer of 1998. Jerry knew and knows Ruth to be a sharp lady whose tough, but fair. She also has some common sense, which has been in short supply over at the Capitol lately.
Mary Hinkle to Become Woman of Faith
Mary Hinkle will be representing Holabird at the Women of Faith Conference in the Twin Cities
Area this weekend. Mary will be leaving for the conference sometime Thursday morning, and will return Sunday night. This conference is sold out, but if there are any women out there who want information about these gatherings can go to their website for more information www.womenoffaith.com
Mary may have the chance to see Dr. Phil's wife, Robin McGraw. Her father in law would be so jealous. The down side is that Mary will miss all the excitement of the Pheasant Hunting Seasons Opener. Somehow, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate believe that she'll manage to get through it.

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