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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
VOL. V Issue 10D
New Computer A Hit
It has taken a while, but most of us here at the Holabird Advocate have gotten used to the new Compaq Presario. Mary Hinkle has worked overtime figuring out all the ins, outs, and shortcuts. For a while there, Jerry Hinkle thought he was going to have to hunt down Brianne Keating to help the out on this deal. So far, it's all good.
Robert Hanson told Mary that whatever amount she spent on the unit was money well spent. He had apparently missed the Holabird Advocate, but not enough to invite our Publisher to use his computer. Of course, we can't blame him.
Darrel Hinkle has reported that Jim and Ruby Hoffman just got back yesterday from Deadwood with the previous computer in tow. It will be interesting to see what Mary is going to do about that when the time comes.
Closer to the $64,000 Answer
Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle has completed another step in getting his $64,000 question answered. He has mailed his transcript request. Brittany Hinkle asked him when he was going to college, and was relieved that he was not going right away. Hopefully, he will get down there for a tour sometime as well.
Some are concerned with Jerry's transportation, as the Come to Jesus Taxi only starts with prayer, and even then only when he really needs it to start. His father, Harold Hinkle is hoping to find Jerry something a little more steadfast. He was hoping to get Ashley Pothast's old car, but Ashley says that Jerry might not like the smell. Just what is she doing in that car that would-on second thought we don't want to know.
Holabird Scrapbook
News papers reported on Janurary first of 1889 that Holabird has a system called the Silver Plate Gold attachment combination Telegraphcompany. Wires were installed to all parts of the city, Mr. Joe Kafronk is named the general Manager. Vines of the ³Advocate is the new Postmaster.
5-18-1889, the Nickel Telegraph Co. went broke.
6-15-1889, the Holabird Cemetery association met recently to elect officers. they mention that there are no graves as yet.
8-3-1889, Smith and Hamlin run the Holabird Cheese Factory. Also mentioned that Gus Gerharts residence was on 10th Aveuntil he moved it to Highmore.
1-9-1889, Mr. Beadle is new Merchant where Stark was. Also mentioned is the Holabird Mill. 11-23-1889, Louie Wichner has bought the store property and will probably continue the store.
3-8-1890, the Rail Road still owns the Holabird townsite.
8-30-1890, J.S. Harris is Father of H.C. Harris of Highmore. He is also a druggist and is putting in a line of drugs and supplies.
(This is the last installment of the Holabird Scrapbook until someone comes through with more interesting tidbits on Holabird's early days. Our Thanks to Doug Hague for sharing his considerable volume of information with us)
South Dakota Still Needs Rain
Judging by the results of the Holabird Advocate poll just completed, there are only 15% of those surveyed who believe no more rain is needed for now. A mere 5% see a need for rain, while 80% are not only praying for rain, but for snow as well.
As one poll ends, another begins. This time we want to know your impression of the Congressional Page mess. More specifically, who do you blame more? So whether you blame Foley, the Republicans for keeping quite, the Democrats for keeping quite, or the media for waiting until October to report it, let us know about it.
Who do you blame for the Congressional Page Scandal?
Foley himself
the Republicans for keeping quiet
the Democrats for keeping quiet
the Media
Free polls from Pollhost.com

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