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Friday, October 06, 2006
VOL. V Issue 10A
Good to be Back Home Again
Hello again Readers! Hope you missed us as much as we missed you. The Ponderosa computer was felled by some kindly of a Trojan Horse Worm Virus. It has been out of commission for 3 weeks as of last Wednesday. We were hoping that someone in the Hyde County area could help out. Guess not! Oh well, things worked out.
The Ponderosa computer is still in the shop in Deadwood. At present we are using a Compaq Presario that Mary Hinkle picked up cheap at Walmart. For how long, we don't know. It takes some getting used to. The scanner isn't hooked up yet, so no picture from the Ditty Bops Calendar, for a while anyway. October isn't over yet!
Publisher Gets Closer to DWU
Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle has heard a reply from Dakota Wesleyan University. The fine folks at that institution of higher learning have called, written, and as he discovered this morning, they have also e-mailed, to let him know of their interest. They have even helped him find where to go to obtain his previous academic transcript. He hasn't been accepted yet, but he's closer than he was before. They have encouraged him to come town for a campus tour, which is a good idea. After all, one should look around a house before one buys it. If Jerry is going to spend 4 years and $64,000 at a place, he should do the same before he bites down and jumps in.
Holabird Scrapbook
3-12-1887, C.E. Parrish has his Hotel for sale or rent.
7-2-1887 the Holabird school was damaged by the storm. They will rent a 20 by 100 footshed for $3.00 per month.
7-30-1887, the Suit comprising the old Hughitt Township and three others will soon be settled.
8-13-1887, Haights Opera is also having dances.
9-24-1887, Charles Evans will replace Frank Warring as Depot agent.
10-19-1887, the Van Dusen elevator has taken in over 10.000 bushels of wheat this season. 11-26-1887, James Pettys will open a store in the old Grassmuck Building. He will also teach school.
Catching Up With the Rest of you
by Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
Well now, What a difference a month makes, eh! The Vietnam Memorial in Pierre, the poison spinach, Amish kids getting a crash course in 21st century reality, and gay dudes in Congress doing whatever tickles their fancy. I almost don't know where to begin.
I'll end up talking about Vietnam later on, Good Lord willing. I guess I've already plugged beef as a substitute for spinach. So I guess that just leaves the Representative in Florida. What I have to say may shock some of ya'll.
First of all, I'm sick of hearing about this. When he resigned a week ago, that should have ended all this flap, but the media goes on and on about it. When you think about it, I mean really think about it, what's the big deal. So he e-mailed a boy asking for a picture. So what?
Yes, it was wrong, I guess. But look at it this way. The "victim" in this case saved these e-mails and instant messages for 3 years. The bomb was dropped just a few weeks before election day. Why did it take this long. The whole thing just doesn't smell right to me.
I guess I'm naive. After all, I had a grandfather who helped guide me and teach me the difference between right and wrong. I can't honestly relate to either the Congressman or the Page. I can't tell which one's the hero, and which one's the villain. Fact is, there is no hero in this story. I find it interesting that the Page and his parents are silent about this mess as well. Too bad the media can't follow their example.

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