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Sunday, September 24, 2006
VOL. V Issue 9J
Come Hahn Inn Becomes
Temporary Home Office
There hasn't been a lot of activity at the Holabird Advocate because the Ponderosa computer is under siege. We have had no access to either e-mail or the internet since September 13. The computer is currently being looked at by Jeremy Van Tassel.
Today, we have set up a new home office at the Come Hahn Inn in Highmore. If anyone in the Hyde County area has a computer that they are not using for an hour or two, perhaps they will give us a call at the Ponderosa sometime.
Holabird Scrapbook
1-2-1886; Jacob Honberger is the new barber; Mr. Jacob Honberger opened a Barber shop Janurary 2nd, 1886. On February 7th, 1886 the Hotel changed it's name to "Cleveland House".
3-10-1886, the material for their proposed College is in Clifton and the Post office is in the Bartlet store.
4-3-1886, the College will be on Lots in the Perkins Addition that was owned by Gus Gerhart.
4-17-1886, Holabird is thinking of incorporating.
3-27-1886, Grassmuck has moved to Highmore.
4-10-1886, the town board has decided to have a Cemetery plotted by the CountySurveyor, Mr. Cadwalader.
4-17-1886 News papers call Holabird the ŒCollege Œ¹ town because of the proposed Christian College, and George Graham openeda Lumber Yard.
5-1-1886, Mr. Ables has the Lumber Yard and John Reynolds is the Black Smith.
5-11-1886, County Surveyor, D.L. Cadwalader, assisted by John Blakemore, laid out the Cemetery this week on five acres donated byMr. George Clark. It will be called ŒMaple Wood Cemetery¹¹.
July 5th,1886 the Board met in regular session--in the matter of the incorporation of the town of Holabird. It appearing to the Board that in accordance with an order made by it on the 27th day of May, 1886, and entered into on pages 170-171 and 172 of this record, that after this notice as required by said order was published and copies there of posted. That a meeting of qualified voters of the Territory proposed to be incorporated in said town met at the office of Falde and Murphy on the 14th day of June 1886. That at said meeting the total number of votes cast was ten (10) all of which had theword "Yes" and verified by inspectors. It is ordered by the Board thatthe described territory, to wit:- Commencing at the intersection of the East line of Section ten (10). With the North line of the C.&N.W. Rail Roadright of way, thense running north to the N.E. Corner of Section ten (10)-thense West, eighty rods to a mound, thense North, three Hundred (320) Rods to a mound - thense South to intersection of the North line of C.&N.W. RailRoad right of way, thense East on the line of said right of way to place ofbeginning, containing three Hundred and four and a fraction acres, all in the Township, One hundred and twelve, of the Range Seventy Three in HydeCounty, Dakota (Territory ),
11-20-1886, Mr. Perry was proprietor of the saloon until the town closed it. 11-20-1886, Art Hellburg is manager of the Van Dusen warehouse and sells flour and coal. the Hotel is now called the "Wright House".
12-18-1886, Holabird thinks the new Rail Road from Sioux City will cross there even if it isn't the County seat. The new Rail Road has purchased a lot to build their Depot .
Memo to Popeye: Eat Beef
by Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
Hey, Popeye! I know you're strong to the finish when you eat your spinich and all, but get hip. Beef is where it's at now. Yes I know one can get e coli from beef, but only if you don't cook it properly. Raw spinich is hard to cook properly! So the next time Wimpy says he'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today, buy another hamburger for yourself.

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