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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
VOL. V Issue 9I
Hunter Mees to Hear Wedding Bells
There is a wedding in Hunter Mees future. Not for him yet, but for his mother, Shannon Jurgens. Shannon and her fiance, Alan, will be tying the old knot sometime soon. The date has been set at September 30. If Gas goes down to $1.50/gal, he might make it out there.
Holabird Scrapbook
That spring of 1884 indicated steady growth. Mr. A.M. Karr had his Hotel; John Falde was Postmaster; Howes Drug store was open; A broomfactory was in operation; the Rail Road had built a Depot and the VanDusen Company had erected an elevator. There were two General stores, oneowned by Mr. Grassmuck, the other owned by Mr. Bartlet. Mr. R.E. Murphy still operated his grocrery store. May 8th, 1884, Mr Geo. P. Ela, anEngineer for the C.&N.W. Rail Road surveyed the townsite into Streets;Blocks. Lots and alleys. Mr. Howard C. Shober drove the first stake ( Mr. A.P. Vines of the Advocate Newspaper also claims this distincition). Aftersome legal confrontations the Rail Road changed their mind about promotingHolabird and purchased the right of way in Highmore after all.
The development of Holabird retained its original name and continued to grow ata fast pace. For a time, Holabird, was nearly the size of Highmore
North of 40: The Young and the Useless
If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip
by Red Green
Now, was driving by a high school in an unfamiliar part of town last week. It was late in the afternoon, the students were leaving, and I couldn't get over how young they all looked. They looked to me as if they were 11 or 12 years old and should be in grade 6 or 7 rather than in grade 9 or 10. Then I noticed that I was wrong -- this was not a high school. It was a college. These 11-year-old kids were 20. That got me thinking about how many encounters I have where the person I'm dealing with is much younger than I expect them to be. The store clerk, the insurance salesman, the cop. It's as if they took everybody out of elementary school and gave them jobs while I wasn't looking. Of course, that's not right. These people are the exact age they should be for what they're doing. The problem is mine. I've forgotten what young people look like. That's because all of my instrumentation needs to be re-calibrated, since I spend so much of my time with myself and other people my age. It's hard enough to face the fact that you're no longer young. It's a shocker when you realize that the people 20 years younger than you aren't young either. There are only two places in the world where a man like me can still feel young -- in his own mind and Florida.

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