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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
VOL. V Issue 9H
Bringing Back the Holabird Scrapbook
Because of the following remarks from Doug Hague, All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are ready, willing and able to bring back the Holabird scrapbook:
I spent some time trying to satisfy myself as to why the Incorporation of Holabird was not officially recognized. According to the News paper, the town board met all requirements to establish the action as fact. I met with Deane Robinson in an effort to search records in the Pierre Court House ( the official depository of Hyde Co . At that time. I have suspected there was some political skull-duggary involved.
( Maybe we should present a small fiction account of those troubled times?)
{ The Governor attempted to establish a new townsite between Highmore and Holabird. Hired the father of H.C. Harris of Highmore to be the Druggist??? And in some way managed to almost elected a new County Board of Commissioners. This also caused Highmore to have two Boards of Government and the resulting confusion of registering legal records for nearly two years. }
Holabird Scrapbook
The Chicago & North Western ( C.&N.W. ) Rail Road built through Hyde County in 1881. Surveyors marked off the Sq. Miles in 1882. At this time in Holabird Township there were five or six small shacks located along the Rail Road Tracks calling themselves Holabird, because of the name of the Township. H.C. Shober erected the first house in Section 11 in 1882. George Hirsch settled here in 1882 and opened a shoe repair shop. He also had a Homestead on the R.R, Section. George Graham and Arthur Graham lived together in a shack near the R.R. until Arthur married a daughter of J.R. Smith, when they built a new shack for them selves. By early 1883 others had moved into the settlement called Holabird. There was a Black Smith Shop; several Stores; a saloon; a shoe repair shop and a News paper. That summer, the C.&N.W. Rail Road decided to develop the townsite and change the name to Hughitt. One of the Rail Road employees, Mr. Charles Simmons, was busy buying up certain Lots in Holabird and Bramhall to promote their growth as opposed to Highmore, where they owned no land.
Letters to the Publisher
Dear Editor: (AHEM, That's Publisher! Just kidding, Shannon)
Your paper did a fantastic article on my son in January of 2006. His name is Hunter Mees and he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Hunter is now considered in remission and is doing very well thanks to his phenomenal doctors at the Avera McKennan Cancer Center in Sioux Falls. Dr. Smithson, Dr. Hannah, their unbelievable nurse Pat Simmons, and assistant Patty Miller saved my son's life. Without them, and the help from God, I know we'd be in a completely different situation. Even though it isn't much. I would like to say "thank you" from the bottom of my heart to them and everyone else, staff at HRMC, who took care of my baby. I'd also like to mention Huron's ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr. Shaker for knowing I wasn't crazy and doing the biopsy. Our entire surrounding communities rallied around Hunter and our family. Iroquois and Wessington Springs both put on very successful fundraisers. Their hard work made all of us realize we weren't alone. All of this has brought light to a subject rarely recognized, children's cancer. I would like the following to be printed in your "Letters to the Editor" section if possible or anywhere it may get notice.
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and I think it is important to inform you of the extensive advances that have been made in the treatment of our children, as well as some of the challenges that persist.
A childhood cancer diagnosis lasts a lifetime. Every year, 240,000 children internationally are diagnosed with cancer. These children face endless hours of treatment and recovery, missing an average of 40 days of school during the initial treatment alone.
Costly medical expenses are added stress for the family of a child cancer victim. The National Children's Cancer Society (N.C.C.S.) is one of the organizations parents turn to for financial, emotional, and mental support while enduring the treatment for their child. The N.C.C.S. has provided more than 35 million in direct financial assistance to over 17,000 children with cancer and their families in the U.S. alone. Prior to the past decade, the professional focus has been on the cure. With cure rates currently above 75%, it is important to provide services and help for those dealing with the effects after treatment. Today there are over 270,000 adult survivors of childhood cancer. Over two thirds of these survivors experience at least one "late effect" as a result of their disease or treatment. Some may even experience multiple late effects years after the completion of the treatment. The N.C.C.S. Beyond the Cure program offers support to cancer survivors who may be dealing with either mental or physical after-treatment effects. During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, please keep the 240,000 children in your thoughts and prayers. Cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in children between the ages of 1 and 19. To learn more information about childhood cancer awareness and what you can do to help visit nationalchildrenscancersociety.org or beyondthecure.com
Thank you for your devotion to this very important topic.
Shannon Jurgens
Patriots VS Firefighters
by Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
First of all, I apologize if you, the Readers, thought that this was a football game play by play (Although "Firefighters" would be a good football mascot) This is just another Pollmaster general question. Should September 11 be remembered as Firefighters Day, Patriots Day, or simply an unnamed day, like it weas 6 years ago? That's what we are going to deciI'd Of course, i'd be remiss in my duty not to tell you that New England already celebrate Patriots day on the 3rd Monday of April. Firefighters Day? Nowhere, my friend! Choose ye this day whom you will celebrate. As for me and my house...
What September call Spetember 11?
Firefighters Day
Patriots Day
Unnamed like before 2001
Free polls from Pollhost.com

Thank you, once again, Jerry.
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