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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
VOL. V Issue 9D
The Moon Comes over Uranus tonight
According to Farmer Iggy's Almanac, The Moon will rise just a few minutes before Uranus, making it easier to find Uranus because Uranus will be directly under the moon tonight. This is because Uranus is in opposition to the Sun. For those who live in the Holabird area, here it was you need to know. The Moon will rise tonight at 7:23 pm , Uranus will rise tonight at 8:04 pm, and the Sun will set tonight at 8:08 pm.
For those who would like to see Uranus outside the Holabird area, send your zip code to the home office of the Holabird Advocate before 8 pm Holabird Time, and we will send you the time for your area by 8 pm Holabird Time.
Agnes Hahn Safe at Home Tonight
She may not want to see Uranus, but Agnes Hahn is perfectly happy just to be back home after almost a week in the hospital. Mary Hinkle brought her mother home this afternoon and helped her get settled in. Since nothing but work was waiting for Mary back at the Ponderosa, she decided to mow the lawn at the Come Hahn Inn. It wasn't too long that Gary McDonald and Carroll Morford came along with their own lawn mowers to help Mary out. Mary got home in time for the mid afternoon wine break. As we understand it, Mavis Kennedy made the wine herself. Mary bought some meat and cheese in Highmore before coming home.
Spreading The Good Word
Despite the best efforts of a lot of good people, not everybody subscribes to the South Dakota Magazine. Joan Hansen is helping out by making copies of the article on page 15 of the latest issue. Jerry Hinkle also e-mailed a copy of the same article to some relatives in Texas. Hopefully somebody will think to try out the Pheasant Steak recipe next month.
Word comes from DWU
This morning our Publisher heard from a representative of DWU expressing thanks for his interest and also encouraging him to apply ASAP in order to get started by the semester starting January of 2007. He expects to get the ball rolling shortly. The more he hears about DWU, the more he likes it. This could be the start of something big.

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