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Monday, September 04, 2006
VOL. V Issue 9C
The Attention Continues
More folks are letting us know how they found the article on page 15 of South Dakota Magazine. Joyce Ferris declares, "That's quite an honor!". Everett Ellerton was glad that we had the whole page to ourselves. Lois Fischer of Aberdeen had this inquiry. Perhaps someone in our Ree Heights Bureau has an answer.
"My husband audited in Ree Heights at the elevator for many years so we have stopped there on occasion, but we did not know about the bottles in the grocery store. My husband told me that there were several guys who played cards evenings in the bar at Ree Heights and when the bar owner got ready to go home at night, he would do so and say whoever is the last to leave to lock the door. I don't know if the bar is still open or if the guys still play cards there."
Agnes Hahn Still Hospitalized
Another little hiccup is hindering Agnes Hahn from returning home from the Pierre Hospital. Dr. Holland states that either she will go home tomorrow or will be going to the Heart Hospital in Sioux Falls for a possible pacemaker. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate Send our best wishes to her and her family.
Hinkle Family Cleans Up
The family of E.E. Hinkle is going through his house to see what they will keep, what they will sell, and what they will throw away. George and Mavis Kennedy slipped into the yard unnoticed to everyone except Nick Nemec's cows, who were grazing along the ditch outside the fence. (It was as if Mac Zilverberg was still alive). Joyce Ferris arrived shortly thereafter, being careful not to run over any cattle on the way.
More Fun With Google
Submitted by Mary Jo Nemec
Follow the instructions below to see just how accurate Google is. Do it soon before Google finds this and changes it!!
1- Go to http://www.google.com/
2- Type in the word: Failure
3- Look at it the first listing and laugh at what comes up first
4- Tell other people before the people at Google fix it
This fun activity is also possible at the Google search engine at the top of the Holabird Advocate Front Page. Best of all, the proceeds will go to the UBS Networks Charity Drive

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