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Saturday, September 02, 2006
VOL. V Issue 9B
Dakotiana-One Week Later
It has been one week since the article about our courageous, dynamic Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, appeared in the Dakotiana Section of the South Dakota Magazine. One advantage of being featured in there is that it lets us know who besides us enjoys that magazine. Joyce Boller of Highmore let Jerry know how much she enjoyed it. Even the California Hinkles are somewhat impressed by Jerry's newfound, but rapidly fleeting, fame.
Some are wondering about a possible book deal, but that is not possible at present. He has had an offer of a new computer should he find himself at DWU in the near future, but that's just about it.
We've recently discovered on the bottom of page 76 that Bruce Roseland of Seneca has a book of poetry out called "The Last Buffalo". At $11.95, it promises to be an interesting read, as well as affordable. That is, providing you like poetry that doesn't necessarily rhyme. His free verse tells an excellent story.
Delay In Agnes Hahn Homecoming
Agnes Hahn is still in the hospital because she had a little episode at 3 am this morning. Dr. Holland will be adjusting thing around and monitoring her progress for another 24 hour period. After that, he'll see about getting her home. She is in good spirits, as always. Should events warrant, we will let you know as soon as she gets home. Either in print, or with an episode of the Jerry Hinkle Program.
Another Reader Comes Forward
South Dakota Magazine caught the attention of Lois Fischer of Aberdeen. She had just finished reading the article in South Dakota Magazine and logged on. She tells us of how her husband traveled past Holabird many times, but have never stopped. He's not alone there. They have, however stopped at Highmore at the Frosty Freeze for an ice cream cone. She says it is the best ice cream and they always have a sherbet special flavor. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate must admit it's been awhile since we've gone there. We'll have to go back again someday.

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