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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
VOL. V Issue 8P
No Fair is Fair
It looks like Harold Hinkle is changing his mind about going to the South Dakota State Fair. The weather reports says "Rain" so he's all scared about getting wet. Of course, Mary and/or Jerry Hinkle could go without him if they were so moved. Jerry wouldn't go by himself because he's too cheap to buy gas, even at 2.95/gal. He's got all that money in ING, but he's afraid to spend it because he's lose interest. Jerry his slowly turning into his grandfather. Next thing you know, he's gonna go bald and start cussing out Republicans.
Agnes Hahn's Test Delayed
Harold and Mary Hinkle took Agnes Hahn to the Pierre hospital to have a few tests run. When she got there, her pulse was over 100, so her tests were delayed, and she was admitted into the hospital. She is in the ICU, and may be there for a day or two
North of 40:DVD or not DVD
by Red Green
Some men are born with humility.
Some achieve humility.
Others have it thrust upon them.
I picked up one of those DVD players on sale a few weeks ago and the picture quality is amazing -- there are nose hairs out there I'd never seen before. Now, they make a big deal out of the "interactive menus," but I was working under the impression that all menus were interactive, like when you go into a restaurant and point to where it says "steak," it shows up a little later and then you eat it. Now that's interactive.
OK, the steak may come with things I don't want, like vegetables, but so does the DVD. Like, say, the outtakes. These are scenes of guys who make upwards of the gross national product of Malaysia messing up their lines. When I'm getting paid to do a job, I don't videotape myself making mistakes and then charge people to watch.
Then there's the one I really can't figure out: the deleted scenes. We all know these things were cut out for a reason. I don't really need to see the Godfather slow-dancing with a lawn jockey, even if it does help explain the whole horse head thing. I'll tell you the kind of extras I'd like to see -- good acting, better stories and more movies where the plot revolves around a riding mower.

Awwwwww.... go to the fair!!! I'll be there tomorrow afternoon with the boys. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I'll be there working at the Pro Cellular booth!!! I'll be the one wearing the twinkling cell phones! haha.. naw... but I'll be there...
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