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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
VOL. Issue 8O
Governor to Elijah Page: STAY
Keloland News Reported at 5:21 pm that Governor M. Michael Rounds will stop tonight's execution of Elijah Page and that attorney General Larry Long is working on a stay. There will be more details after a press conference at 5:50 pm.
What do you get with 100 candles?
by Roger Kasa of the Plainsman
After Bud Russel's birthday cake was lit with its 100 candles, the smoke detectors sounded at the Hangar Monday sending an urgent call to the Huron Fire Department. Russell, whose 100th birthday was observed Monday, was saluted by family and friends at a special gathering Sunday at the Huron Event Center. On Monday, members of his family gathered at the Hangar for another celebration. Bruce Russell, of Cypress, Texas, Bud's nephew, said he ordered the cake from Coborn's, and it took two people with lighters to get all 100 candles lit. "We had just got the candles lit and were singing Happy Birthday when the smoke detector went off," Russell said. "It made quite a racket." But, that didn't deter Bud Russell as he continued to blow out the candles. Finally, another person joined in as they worked to get all the fire out. Bruce Russell said his uncle was wheeled out of the building. "As I looked out, I saw the Huron Fire Department coming our way," he said. Bruce said he talked to John Coughlin of the Fire Department, and he didn't have a problem with it. His son, Patrick, of Round Rock, Texas had a video camera and got the whole episode on film. "We're thinking about sending it to the show, "America's Funniest Home Videos," he said. "We think it might have a chance of getting aired." Bruce, who is the son of Eldon and Julia Russell, lived on a farm in Lake Byron Township. At the age of five, he and his parents and a sister moved to Colorado. His mother is the daughter of Otto and Julia Meyer, who once operated Pioneer Hatchery in Huron. Bruce said the entire incident is something he will long remember. And, he's pleased that he's got the whole thing on video.
Pollmaster General Results
As E.E. Hinkle used to say the last shall be first. That was the case with the Omaha Zoo adoption poll. Brittany Hinkle decided to adopt a Clown Fish, even though it only got 10% of the vote. The Golden Lion Tamarin got twice as many votes, while the Aardvark had 30%. The clear favorite was the Sea Turtle, which got 40% of the vote . So Brit blew $50 on a clown fish! Oh well, it's her money!
Meanwhile, it seems that the Governor is going to stay the execution of Elijah Page. On our poll, nobody wanted that. There were 31% wanting his sentence commuted to life, while an overwhelming 69% we're hoping that he'd get the juice tonight. That's pretty high for a pro-life state, eh!

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