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Saturday, August 26, 2006

VOL. V Issue 8M
Tornado Spotted in Hyde County
Mary Hinkle spotted this photo, taken by Bill Krell, on Keloland.com. The photo was taken 6-8 miles north of Highmore, but no exact location is known. Mary believes that the photographer was south of the tornado that went through Hyde County on Thursday afternoon.
If anyone out there Knows Mr. Krell, or anything about him, please get in touch with the home office of the Holabird Advocate, as we would like to know more about his tornado experience, as well as his exact location.
Is It September Already?
The Ditty Bops Calendar still says August, but the September issue of South Dakota Magazine is out. Holabird is featured on Page 15, in an article that should be read before all else, then one should look for the map of South Dakota on page 5 to make a notation of Holabird's location and write (15). Mr. Hunhoff took another photo of Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, that didn't make it into the article. Hopefully that photo will surface soon. Those pictures were taken two haircuts ago, apparently Jerry's hair grows faster than Hunter Mees'.
The Holabird Advocate Circulation Department reports slightly above normal hits for a Saturday, but nothing else above the ordinary. Unless Doug Lund comes calling, this is probably as famous as we are going to get. There's no chance of that, so let's get back to work.
From Fairs to Fest
A State Fair is Best
Once again the Holabird Advocate Readers have spoken. What they've said is that the south Dakota State Fair is a "Must See". An incredible 64% of our Readers "Must See" the Fair. Dakotafest is also a popular event, with 21% saying they "Must See" that. The rest, 14% "Must See" the Sioux Empire Fair to play "Plinko" with Shawn Cable. We are going to kick this one up a notch. We are going to see how many of you would rather stay home. With Gas prices in the Holabird area still at $3.15, that is a valid choice.
What is your "Must see" event?
Sioux Empire Fair
South Dakota State Fair
Stay home and save fuel
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