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Monday, August 21, 2006

VOL. V Issue 8J
Proof of Global Warming?
Mavis Kennedy has submitted this photo as possible proof that global warming is a reality. This on top of the 113 degree temps we had in July here in Holabird have convinced all of us here at the Holabird Advocate that perhaps it may be so. We will likely change out tune if it gets down to -23 in January next year. Even if global warming is a fact, we'll trust God to deal with it. After all, 87% of global pollution occurs in nature. Things like volcanic ash and fires caused by lightning.
Brother Bill Speaks; Audience Listens
The highlight of this years UMW Guest Day was the Speakers, Brother Bill Myers of the Order of Saint Luke Monastery. He has traveled all over the world. He has made trips to Egypt as well as central and Eastern Europe. He started in Oberammergau, Germany, but was unable to see the Passion Play, being a few years too late. He also went to Munich, taking in the castle of Ludwig II. He went through the Austrian Cities of Salzberg, the birthplace of Mozart; Rattenberg, where the Danube River flows freely; and Vienna. His photos of the Danube River were awesome. Harold Hinkle was at most of those same places forty some-odd tears ago, but Brother Bill went into the Czech Republic and went through Prague. Then it was back into Germany, and the cities of Dressden, Leipzig and Berlin. While in Germany, he and the rest of his tour group were told that if they were offered Schnapps, it was an insult to refuse. However, the tour group ended up being insulted by never having been offered any. While in Berlin, they saw what was left of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, and a museum dedicated to the Ancient Greek city of Pergamum, which is actually part of Asia Minor.
Brother Bill also talked briefly of Egypt while he was wearing the traditional Egyptian male garb for his listeners benefit. He rode a camel, which was not as fun as it sounds. Also, despite what some have heard, the old saying "Girls along the Nile wear nothing but a smile" is incorrect. Indeed, far from correct. In fact, they are to be covered up more then the men.
As for what Brother Bill has planned in the future, he has said that the Methodist Church in Faulkton is without a minister and is expecting a call any time now. Should he get the call, the church in Faulkton will be very fortunate to have a clergyman of his caliber.
Publisher Takes the Leap
Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle has send for some information concerning DWU. He has even found a blog written by the Campus Minister, Brandon. Jerry doesn't know Brandon's last name, but he seems nice. Hopefully, Jerry will hear back from them in time for Spring 2007.

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