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Friday, August 18, 2006
VOL. V Issue 8I
How High's The Water Papa?
Two Inches High and Rising!
The prayers for rain continue to be answered. This time, they are being answered in the affirmative. Since last night, the Ponderosa has received 2.5 inches of rain. Peg Zilverberg reports a little bit more than that. Harold Hinkle reports that the area that was burned last week is greening up as well. Jerry Hinkle is so happy about this recent turn of event that he almost considered voting for Rounds in November ( "almost" being the key word there).
More Good News About Hunter Mees
Written by Shannon Jurgens
Edited by the Publisher
Hey everyone, I have news about Hunter I know some of you would like to hear. Hunter, Houston, me, and my mom were all in Sioux Falls for his appointments. He had scans and lab work done yesterday. He is once again... For the next three months... Considered in remission. Thank God.
Hunter and I woke up very early to take him to Sioux Valley to remove his port-a-cath. It really was the whole reason behind the trip. He could NOT wait to get it taken out. The port-a-cath is that little steel piece right under his skin that they used to poke with the needle to take blood and deliver chemotherapy. Needless to say, Hunter is port-a-cath FREE!!!!!
Another big step in the whole process. Take care everyone and thank you for your continued inquiries about his progress. It means a lot to us.
Big Pollmaster General Vote Coming Up
The time as come to, as Winston Rothchild would say, "Sit or get off the pot, eh!". Meaning that if our Publisher is going to see if there is a place for him at DWU, he'd better get started. The time is coming fast to see if and when he can enter those hallowed halls.
If he gets in, we may have to get a new name for this Newsblog. He'll also have to see about computer access as well. We're sure the University has computers, we're just not sure they will be available for our use.
Monday he will start the process. How long it will take is anybody's guess.

Hi Jerry,
Thank you for your thoughtful editing. I hope all is well over there for you and yours. I was working out at Dakota Fest on Tuesday wondering if that would be the day I'd finally get to meet you. Maybe at the state fair??? We'll have a booth there also!
Take care,
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