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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
VOL. V Issue 8G
No Bus Trip For Publisher
Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle has decided to stay home instead of hopping the Greyhound to see his cousin Kassidee Kennedy before she leaves for Europe on Friday. The expense oftime and money can be better spent elsewhere.
Jerry would have had to have been back by Friday night himself to attend Guest Day at the Methodist Church. The featured speaker will be Methodist Monk Brother Bill Myer of Faulkton, who has traveled the world, and has recently been to Egypt.
Hinkle Family are Friends in Knead
Over the weekend Harold Hinkle paid an undisclosed amount for a bread making machine at one of Pierre's rummage sales. Jerry Hinkle has almost literally been chomping at the bit to see how it works. As of press time, it sits idle and unused since Harold and Mary returned home with the unit. Harold has given strict orders that it not be touched. Then he headed off to Dakotafest in Mitchell. Mary is planning to try it out when the grandkids get to the Ponderosa. What Harold doesn't know won't hurt him, until he finds out.
Jerry has been studying the operators manual since Sunday night, and can't make head nor tail of it. The art of making bread should not be this difficult. After all Agnes Hahn has been making bread for more than six decades, and she never used a complicated machine like that. Harold and Jerry made a loaf of bread with Mary's bread maker a few years back. It turned out so bad that it wouldn't have made good communion wafers. The cats ate it, after a while!
Omaha Zoo is Looking for You
Brittany Hinkle took a trip to the Omaha Zoo not too long ago. She went to the website and saw that they had critters up for adoption. Basically, it's a way to separate people from their money and keep the animals locked up too. Still Britt has $50 to spend on one of five animals. The hedgehog is only $35, but that need not be a factor in the decision. Feel free to vote for your favorite. Next week, we'll let you know what she adopted. Jerry Hinkle said for $50 she could adopt Rosie veldt Franklin.
For more information got to the Omaha Zoo Website at: http://shop.omahazoo.com/Adopt-An-Animal.asp
Which Zoo animal would you adopt for $50
Clown Fish
Four-toed hedgehog
Golden Lion Tamarin
Sea Turtle
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