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Saturday, August 05, 2006
VOL. V Issue 8C
A Soldier's Homecoming
It was reported by Dot and Allen Hanson that Bridget Deuter will be leaving Iraq sometime within the next two weeks. She, and her family is reportedly very excited and can't wait for her to get home. She won't be in South Dakota for a while, though. She will be back at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and will still be stationed there, for about the next 2 years.
Kentucky is not exactly South Dakota, but all of us here at the Holabird Advocate think it is a improvement over her digs in Tikrit, Iraq. At least the Hatfields and McCoys have quit shooting each other.
Next time she's in the area, she should give our Publisher a line and they could meet halfway and attack a stack of pancakes at the Outpost in Highmore. She should bring an appetite with her, and maybe bring along a friend or two.
Brittany Hinkle Doesn't Cluck Around
Next month Simple Simon and Brittany Hinkle will be going to the Fair. The difference is, Brit won't be looking for the pie man. She'll be too busy showing off her purple ribbon chickens. She will also be in the dog show with her grandma Ruby Hoffman's dog, Jill, and be part of the Visual Arts Judging Team.
Brit received more purple ribbons than you can shake a stick on, if that's your idea of fun. But the fun is not over yet. The annual premium sale is tonight. Way to go Brit!
Publisher's Notes
by Jerry Hinkle
Since my oldest nephew, Justin, was here for a couple of days, I decided to play hooky from the South Dakota War College. During that time there was a terribly unspeakable item placed in Representative Stephanie Herseth's entry in Wikipedia. Even though that institution is supposedly a left wing outfit, the Republicans latched on to the item, which was found to be false. As for what the item is, well, not only is it unspeakable, but it is also unprintable on the Front Page of this Newsblog. South Dakota War College's Professor found out that the offensive offender originated in the Bronx. So all of us here at the Holabird Advocate will give them the old Bronx Cheer!
Also, I have to correct myself. Earlier this week, I said that I made more money with ING than I ever did blogging. But on Thursday I made more than $7 in AdSense advertising revenue. Before Thursday, I'd have a few cents here or there, but never before have I ever had more than $1. I wonder if SDBWM chose that day to click my ads over and over again. Oh well, whoever it was thanks a lot.

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