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Thursday, August 03, 2006

VOL. Issue 8B
Just What is an Avatar Anyway?
It wasn't on his birthday list, but Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, has an avatar. Scott, a fellow fan of the Ditty Bops, made this avatar, which is pictured left. Jerry says he will treasure it, even though his favorite color is purple. The words, of course, are to The Ditty Bops song, "Angel With An Attitude", which, as it happens, is Jerry's favorite song. They say it's the thought that counts, and a lot of thought went into making this avatar. Jerry will see about getting the code for the avatar to include it in the Newsblog's design.
It Pays to Bank With ING
ING has been the UBS official bank since July 26. A friend of our Publisher referred him to the bank last month. After careful study, he put $250 in there. He got a $25 signing bonus, and he has made 6 cents in interest this past week, which is more than he made blogging.
Jerry was going to pull out after the trial period was over, but now he's in for the long haul. Well, at least until he enrolls at DWU.
South Dakota Songbook
" Angel With An Attitude"
by The Ditty Bops
Contrary to popular opinion
The very best things in life are for free
Through a practice that I call donation
I get the things I want quite easily
I got a chip on my shoulder
And a halo on my head
I'm an angel with an attitude
And my favorite color's red
I got god on my side
Who's that? Hell, I don't know
But I practice my religion
While I'm stepping on your toes
Goodness knows
I gave more than I took
Goodness knows
I ain't no saint I ain't no crook
Looking hard, yeah you busy bee
For a simple word you charge a simple fee
It's a little too late for too little
But it's never too late for a lot
It's a little too late for too little
But it's never too late to take 'em for what they got
Feed the world a giant crust of bread
Bake a cake and give it to 'em when they're dead
Well I'll take that cake and I will eat it too
I'll get more than I need so I can share the rest with you

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