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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

VOL. V Issue 8A
The Ditty Bops Ride Into The Sunset
One of the hallmarks of a Ditty Bops show
are the ever-changing nightly themes.
By Tim Molloy, Associated Press
Los Angeles music duo, The Ditty Bops, would rather talk about their national bicycle tour than the inspirations for their sound -- maybe because their list of influences might be longer than their route. Abby DeWald and Amanda Barrett mix musical styles that range from swing to blues to folk to plenty more in a stage show that incorporates the best elements of vaudeville, burlesque, and circus sideshows, often adding a nightly theme like "prom," "pirates," or -- on a recent Kansas stop -- "The Wizard of Oz."Anchored by DeWald and Barrett's casually charming songs -- their harmonies suggest the canny professionalism of 1920s show folk -- a typical Ditty Bops show might also feature such widely fixtures of modern music as the accordion, standup bass and saw. Taking a show like theirs on the road isn't as simple as loading up the amps -- which made their decision to travel the country on bicycles all the more ambitious. Backed only by a biodiesel-powered van and lots of friends, the on-and-offstage partners (they were in a relationship even before they formed the band nearly four years ago) are promoting their second album, "Moon Over the Freeway," by scheduling only a few dates across the country and filling in the rest as they go, playing venues most major-label artists never see. A few run-ins with dogs and heat exhaustion along the way haven't gotten the Ditties down, and they've still found time to build sets in hotel rooms and host dance-offs for fans. The tour is the perfect outlet for a pair who aren't just gifted in music: DeWald, 28, is an artist who designed the cover of their self-titled debut, and former model Barrett, 27, is half of the hilarious comedy duo Pretty Things.
Great Time at Mystery Tour
by Mary Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Travel Editor
We had a great time even if it was HOT!! We were supposed to leave the Senior Center in Pierre at 8 o'clock Sat. Morn; but the bus driver didn't show up until 9 so we didn't leave until 9:30. We stopped at Al's Oasis in Oacoma for rolls and coffee and then on to SD Hall of Fame at Chamberlain. We then drove to a hog farm by Salem, SD where Jeff and Kris Tuschen have started the Backyard Catering service. Jeff learned the art of barbecuing by volunteering at the SD Pork producers' state fair food booth in Huron. He barbecued pork loins for neighbors as a favor until it became so frequent that they got licensed. They built a big hall onto their house to host gatherings at the farm, where city visitors enjoy not only the food but a country outing complete with two friendly dogs and the fresh(?) country air. You could smell the hogs outside; but inside was nice and air conditioned. They do wedding receptions, Christmas Parties, and all kinds of get togethers including "Mystery Tours". He makes his own barbecue sauce, which he sells; but you bring your own bottle. It was an excellent meal!! He will even bring the food to your back yard and serve it. It is a family affair that hires a couple extra people. Then on to Sioux Falls to the Irish Fest. It was so hot and I hadn't felt very good at the beginning of the week so Harold and I along with the majority of the people went to the Old Courthouse museum. They had a "Crapper" exhibit there. Did you know that the moon on the door signified a women's outhouse and stars on the door was for the gents; but the women's were cleaner so everyone used the one with the moon on the door so from then on most had a moon on the door? Did you know that most men fold the paper and most women wad it up? Did you know that Sir Thomas Crapper was credited with inventing one of the first "water closets"? They also had a quilt display and homesteading display along with others. Some just got on the Sioux Falls Trolley and rode around. There were 30 people and 7 were brave enough to go to Terrace Park to the Irish Fest and watched the bands play. They had 3 stages and 6 bands that took turns. They enjoyed it. The bus driver drove down Main and Phillips and we looked at the sculptures on the corners and down to Falls Park. Then we went to Coyote Canyon, a steak buffet place and ate too much. They had excellent ribs and steak, fish, chicken and anything you would like.Then on to Vermillion to the Holiday Inn Express next to the Dakota Dome. Breakfast there and then to the Austin-Whittemore House, a museum run by the Clay County Historical Society. Austin was a surveyor that came there to survey in the 1880's and met the local school teacher, married and built this house for his bride. They adopted a girl and she married Whittemore and lived there. They had 3 daughters and a son. The son inherited the house and donated it to the Hist. Soc. If they bought the land so they paid 10,000 for it. And then they furnished it in period furniture as he had sold the furniture. Then on to the Shrine to Music Museum. We had tour guides that were very knowledgeable about all the thousands of instruments they have. A man named Larson had a musical instruments collection of 2000 instruments and his wife told him to find someplace to put them so he advertised and the USD had an empty building that used to house the Carnegie college library so they got the instruments and continue to collect instruments. It is the 2nd largest in the world. Only in Italy is there a larger music museum. The guide played on some of the harpsichords, pianos, and organs for us. We didn't have enough time there as it was so interesting. On the the Buffalo Run Valiant Vineyards for Lunch. They had an excellent buffet lunch for us followed by wine testing and a tour. It is the oldest winery in SD. We had a happy bunch as we headed to Yankton for a tour of the Sacred Heart monastery. Sister Ann guided us around the chapels, lunch rooms, and retreat rooms and explained how Bishop Marty was instrumental in there coming there. They have 130 sisters in the convent there. They work in education, health, and where ever they are needed. It is next to Mount Marty College. One of the ladies had an allergic reaction to something so it was a stop at Walmart to get some Benadryl and then they decided to go over the double Decker bridge in Yankton. Off for home we stopped at a Rest stop close to White Lake and on to Al's Oasis for supper. We got back to Pierre at 10:00 PM. We started out an hour and a half late and pretty much were running an hour and a half late for the rest of the trip. We had a great time; and would probably go on another "Mystery Tour."
Publisher's Notes
by Jerry Hinkle
Just a few random thoughts to start off the August Issue of the Holabird Advocate. It's a bit of a late start, but then better late than never.
Of course, since it is August, that means we have to turn the page of The Ditty Bops Calendar. It appears that the ladies are grilling something. What could it be? Buffalo perhaps! They are also drinking beer, but we're not going to judge them. That's our Heavenly Father's job, and He can have it.
My mother's mystery tour was such an one of a kind experience, I thought, why not let her tell it in her own words. She was there, and I was not. It sounds like fun, but a little too busy for my taste. Too bad she didn't bring us back some barbecue sauce.
We had Shelby and Justin Hinkle here over Monday and Tuesday of this week. They pretty much had the computer. It's easier on both them and me that way. I'd rather watch them play games than to have them watch me do this. They're both pretty sharp kids. Too sharp for their own good in fact.
Last of all, I want to just say a quick word about the Keloland-Argus poll concerning Tom Dashcle running for President. That word is "Don't". I believe that unless Tom wants to take a chance on being Hillary's Secretary of Transportation, he'd best forget a run for the White House and find a worthwhile cause to champion like George McGovern did. His time would be better spent that way, rather than wasting time running for an office that he won't get anyway!

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