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Saturday, July 29, 2006

VOL. V Issue 7R
South Dakota Week of Prayer
Day 6-Answer is "Not Now"
For the last few days, the Holabird Advocate has been observing the South Dakota Week of Prayer. It may not have looked like an unqualified success in the natural world. It's just going to take more prayer is all. As E.E. Hinkle used to say, "We're only one day away from the next big rain!" We could all use that kind of faith right now.
Because tomorrow is Sunday, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate will be observing the last day of the Week of Prayer at a special prayer service at the Ponderosa at 9 pm Holabird Time.
In the meantime, as Joyce Meyer would say, "It's time to laugh". We hope you get a chuckle out of The Ditty Bops "Wizard of Oz Show' in Kansas City. Ms. Abby is Dorothy Gale, Ms. Amanda is Glinda, Greg Rutledge, at the piano, is the Scarecrow. There is no place like Home!
Mystery Tour Half Over
The Sons of Norway Mystery Tour is done for the day. Tomorrow there is more Mystery. The group started out in Pierre at 9 am, they stopped at Chamberlain for lunch and a tour of the South Dakota Hall of Fame. There was a brief stop in Salem to see a guy who makes barbecued pork with his own brand of sauce. Then off to Sioux Falls, where they had a choice of either a museum tour or the Irish Festival. The Hinkles opted for the museum, since it was inside. Then evening vittles at a "Steak and Buffet" type place. Finally, they wheeled to Vermilion to their hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, which is across the street from the Dakota Dome. One thing about it, they we're idle on this trip.
Hee Haw is Back!
Our Publisher can't pick, but he his a grinnin' now that CMT has started airing reruns of Hee Haw. As stated earlier, it is time to laugh, and Hee Haw has just come along at the best possible time. Where else but Hee Haw can you find good clean cut country humor. Jeff Foxworthy only wishes he could be this funny. No dirty words have to be bleeped here. No drooling morons going into a routine about edible under britches here. They used to close each show with a gospel song, but CMT may cut that out to fill in commercial time. Oh well, it's a start!

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