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Thursday, July 27, 2006
VOL. V Issue 7P
South Dakota Week of Prayer-Day 4
The Little Children Shall Lead Them
The Drought in the Holabird area is so bad that the Hinkle kids are going into action. Not content to just kneel and say a few words to the Almighty, they have taken prayer to a whole new level. Brittany Hinkle was at the Ponderosa a couple of days ago, and found her favorite uncle's bongo drum. She asked her uncle, Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, if they could do a rain dance. Jerry played a wonderfully rhythmic tune on his drum, while Brit and Justin Hinkle danced in the 90+ degree heat until they were all worn out. The next day, Jerry played the drum for Shelby and Justin.
The results have not had the desired effect as of yet. At least they gave it a try. Sometimes a word of faith has to be backed up with an act of faith. Persistence is the key. No amount of prayer or dancing will bring rain. It's the faith in the supplier of rain that brings the moisture. Sometimes it takes longer than others, but even when it looks like things are never getting better, one has to keep believing.
Publisher Collects 10,000th Song on Lauchcast
Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle is proud to report thst he has rated 10,000 songs for his Yahoo! Launchcast station. The 10,000 song was "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down" by Patsy Cline. Now, some may say Jerry has too much free time, and he does, but it did take about 4 years to do that. If you "Yahoo!", you could check out his station sometime.
Highmore's First Gentleman Reads Holabird Advocate
It has taken us a while to do it, but we have finally recognized that Roger Day, Husband of Highmore Mayor, Vikki Day, is a Holabird Advocate Reader. Now, there's no word if the Mayor herself reads it as well, but we assume that if we write anything worth reading, she'll find out about it.
Lance Bass Gay! And You're Point Is?
by Jerry Hinkle, Holabird Advocate Publisher
Let's just say it's getting easier to turn the channel on "Entertainment Tonight" when they report "shocking news" like the fact that supposed singer Lance Bass is gay. Next they will tell us that the world is round, the sky is blue and trees are made of wood.
Actually the big deal is not so much that this dude prefers fellas to girls (how queer is that?) but that he was admitting it publicly. Once again I ask, "You're point is...What?" Anyone who saw how he was dancing in that banana suit on "Let's Make a Deal" last month had to notice how fruity that was. Of course, I believe that everyone in the "singing" group he was in is that way. Oh well? So he's the flavor of the week. Good thing it's Thursday, eh!
Some people will do anything for publicity. There's no telling how many TV shows will feature Lance Bass now, or the newspapers. I wonder how much, if any, internet search engine traffic I'll get from this one article right by itself. I hope it's not much! And yet, here I am writing it. I must be the second most foolish person in the world. Second only to the person who searches for "Lance Bass" on the internet.

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