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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
VOL. Issue 7N
South Dakota Prayer Week-Day 2
Holabird Gets A Little Sprinkle
This morning, the Holabird area got a nice little rain off and on. The official total for the Ponderosa is .12 of an inch. It's not much, but that all we're getting right now. We have to just keep praying. That's all we can do!
Bonnie Nickleson is becoming quite the TV star these days. She's been featured on the drought coverage on both Keloland and KSFY. All of us at the Holabird Advocate are sure she's rather watch it rain that watch television anytime. They never let her talk for too long a time anyhow. Perhaps they fear she will show them up.
Anthrax Returns to Hyde County
Our friends at the Dakota Radio Group report that South Dakota's State Veterinarian has confirmed a case of anthrax in a group of unvaccinated cattle in Hyde County. Dr. Sam Holland says he was called to check out the suspected case of the disease in a pasture of about one hundred unvaccinated cow-calf pairs on Sunday. The state veterinary diagnostic lab confirmed anthrax yesterday. Five cows were initially lost at the site of the outbreak. Holland says the infected herd was to be treated with antibiotics and vaccinated. The dead animals were properly disposed of. Anthrax is caused by spores that are exposed to grazing livestock during climate changes like drought, floods and winds. Holland says the spores can survive in contaminated soil for years, so producers should vaccinate their animals against anthrax. Although anthrax doesn't spread from animal to animal, it can be passed to humans that have contact with infected carcasses.
By the way, the Ponderosa cattle have been vaccinated for Anthax. The only thing you'll get by eating any of the meat is full. Ask our Publisher, he knows if anyone does!
Mary Hinkle Still Punky
It appears that Mary Hinkle had too much fun on her vacation last weekend. She called this morning for an appointment with Dr. Cindy Pochop. After an hour or two worth of waiting they fobbed her off on an underling for a 3 pm appointment.
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope and pray that she gets the all clear by this coming weekend for her Mystery Tour. Mostly because they put down a fair amount of norefundablele coin to get on the list. We are also curious as to where they are going. Guesses range from the Royal River Casino in Flandreu to Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, North Dakota.

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