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Monday, July 24, 2006
VOL. V Issue 7M
South Dakota-A State Of Prayer
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate had hoped to take today off because of a death in the family, but the business of the living has called us back to active duty. South Dakota Governor M. Michael Rounds has requested a week of prayer for rain, starting today. Whenever anyone puts out a call for prayer, we will answer the call. We just wish it hadn't taken so long. We've been praying for rain for the past two months. Better late then never.
We hope that all of our South Dakota Readers will find time in the next week to pray for rain at least once a day. If you live in another state, one that has all the rain it can handle, pray for $1.50/gallon gas to come back.
Wishing for Fishing is Over
Ken Hansen was wishing for fishing all week. He had some good luck in places, others he did not. He and the Hinkles went to Downstream Oahe this weekend. They did not bring back a fishing report, but Mary Hinkle came back with a slight case of heat exhaustion. It's not all bad, as Harold Hinkle is watering her garden, and she is relaxing for a change. Sunday afternoon temps got up to 102 degrees at one point. That doesn't make very good fishing weather.
The Hansens left the Come Hahn Inn this morning, without the dozens of aluminum cans with the Iowa stamp. Joan Hansen's mission to the Apple Chain mountains will have to do without them this time around.
Death in the Family
by Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
As you read earlier, there has been a death in my family. This time, it was someone I never met. And that's the problem. She was my second cousin, Julie Doncheske. She died on my birthday, July 18, in a most horrible manner. She was murdered. I lived in blissful ignorance of her life, and then she died. And she was so young as well, around my age or younger. She was a mother, and a grandmother. What a terrible thing to have happen to anyone like that.
Her funeral will be tomorrow. I won't be going, of course. It's too late to help her anyway. I hope that her immediate family gets the comfort they need in this time of grief. God is there, all they have to do is receive him.

To Jerald Hinkle:

I am Julie Donsheske younger sister. Are you a cousin on the mother or fathers side of the family? I serch for all stories of her memory and this site came up. Jukie and I were always instrested in knowing and learning as much about the extended family we had. I am sure she would have enjoyed knowing you and we appreciate your kind words. If you are interested in saying hello, I can be reached at tamerampark@aol.com ~ Hoping to hear from you ~ Tamera
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