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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
VOL. V Issue 7K
Publisher's Birthday "Just Another Day"
At 7:38 pm this morning, Holabird Advocate's courageous, dynamic Publisher turned 39. Big deal! David Letterman's mother turns 85 today! Anyhow there has been no real celebration as of yet. There's has been talk of going to the drive-in, or even to Lower Brule and Fort Thompson. Jerry is just comfortable where he is for now. With the temps approaching 100 and fuel approaching $3/gal, that may be best.
Roger and Linda Wurtz, Arnold and Ethel Rittel, and June and Edgar Bentz went to the Reservation to celebrate birthdays for Linda and Ethel. But with the mercury rising to 113, neither Jerry or Mary Hinkle wanted to leave home. If Harold Hinkle was to be perfectly honest, he was pretty comfortable himself at home too!
Among the birthday cards was an autographed picture of W (E.E. Hinkle is surely turning over in the grave about that one) from Ken and Jo Hansen, and a card from Agnes Hahn with a newspaper and cup of coffee theme.
Jerry's birthday was never much of an occasion because it was so close to Emorymas. Now that Emorymas is on a convenient weekend, nobody is coming over. In fact, Harold and Mary are leaving that weekend.
Fishing Wishing May Come True
Ken Hansen is just itching to catch a fish in the upcoming weekend. He is loaded to the gills with bait, up to and including night crawlers and a few dozen ears of corn. This morning he called from Fairmont, Minnesota with wife Joan Hansen and granddaughter Evy Geitzenauer in tow. Harold and Mary Hinkle are debating when to get the camper ready. They'd better not talk too long about it.
Top Ten Birthday Wishes
by Jerry Hinkle
from the home office in
Holabird, South Dakota
1. For Jesus to come and straighten out the whole darn mess!
2. An inch of rain every week until Labor Day
3. To ride across Kansas with The Ditty Bops by bicycle
4. The Ditty Bops album, "Moon Over The Freeway"
5. The Wreckers album "Stand Still Look Pretty"
6. A Digital Video Camera
7. For Kassidee to show up at the Ponderosa by surprise
8. A $64,000 scholarship for DWU
9. Jack Billion elected Governor in November
10. Should Jesus tarry, to live up to age 120

What, Jack Billion only #9 on your list? Just kidding. Thanks for the nice mention. And have a happy birthday. It's your last one, in a Jack Benny sort of way.

Todd Epp
At least he made the top 10! Notice that Stephanie Herseth, Jessica Simpleton, and Prime Rib are not even on the list.
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