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Monday, July 17, 2006
VOL. V Issue 7J
SDMRS Pick Us Up-Again
It seems that the South Dakota Magazine Road Stories blog has found something good on our site again. We were worried that E.E. Hinkle's death had caused us to "Jump the Shark". The Holabird Advocate had an average Readership of 35 Readers per day. Since SDMRS linked us up on Saturday, that has jumped to 52 Readers per day.
Anyway, they seem to like the Marla McGeorge submission "Rules for Entering South Dakota". Bernie Hunhoff, who is the Editor and Publisher of both South Dakota magazine, and the site, put us next to a story about a California girl who, according the the Capital Journal, is opening an "Etiquette and Protocol Center" in Harrold, South Dakota, our neighbor to the west. Do you suppose Mr. Hunhoff is trying to tell us something. Well, our Publisher does have trouble keeping his elbows of the table.
As far as "the Rules" go, they were all in fun, of course. Still, All of us here at the Holabird Advocate think that "Don't forget to Wave" is a better slogan than "Great Faces, Great Places". It even beats the motto of the Holabird Chamber of Commerce: "If you want to improve Holabird, don't move here!"
Fire! Fire Everywhere! And Not a Drop of Rain
Several fires were started on the Holabird area by lightning strikes. The Dakota Radio Group reported on fires in the Pierre area as well. The Mitchell area was affected as well.
When a fire was reported yesterday at the Clement place north of Highmore, Darrel Hinkle got his water wagon ready. He along with several area fire departments such as Highmore and Stephan, were chasing fires at the Schuette Land and Cattle company. He eventually ended up somewhere near Faulkton.
Harold Hinkle drew several uneasy breaths, worried that lightning may cause fire a little closer to home. The Ponderosa, however was blessed with a flame free day.
It would be nice to report that rain had put the fire out somewhere. Sadly, we can not do that. Anyone who can report that honestly is welcome to do so. We could all use a little good news!
Holabird Picks Up Sister City
This weekend, on the Holabird Advocate Guest Map, we got our first pin from outside The American continents. Ronabelle Pagliawan, from Catabalogan, Samar, in the Philippines, a very lovely young lady, thought enough of the Newsblog to show us where she was reading from. When asked, she was all too pleased to act as an Ambassador for her city, and country. As fortune would have it, she blogs with Blogger. You can find her website at this address: http://www.ronabelle83.blogspot.com/
How Bad is this Drought?
by Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
"We need rain!" Nobody in this area cannot say that they have not heard someone say that. They can also not deny that they have said it themselves at least once. Some have said this is as bad as the 1930s, some have said it was worse. I wonder how they know!
Grandad told me of the time in 1937, when he planted corn along the county line. That corn never got a drop of rain until September. It sprouted and then was killed by frost. I don't know that things are quite that bad as of yet.
And as bad as that is, my dad can top that. In 1976 his corn had no rain that entire year. He dug up a corn kernel to show someone. It still had that poison red dye #2 stuff on it from when he planted it. Now that is some drought! Are things that bad?
I saw that Nick Nemec was at the Zilverberg place harvesting grain. I don't know how his yield was, but if I needed to know, I'd be told. I do know that it wasn't as good as it could have been. Yes, he could have used more rain! He'll get by, and so will the rest of us somehow. The same way that my dad and his dad did, just because they had to, they were tough. And Nick is tough too! He was harvesting in 113 degree heat. Even in air conditioning, that's tough.

Jerry, that field of spring wheat made about 20 bu. per acre. Better than could be expected given the rains this year. Yes it was hot, the AC in the combine was cranked to the max and it was just tolerable. I was just glad that the combine didn't break down. Fixing a break down in that kind of heat under a dusty greasy combine would have been about all I could have handled.

Earlier in the week I helped Dad and Victor lay three miles of pipe on top of the ground to water cows in all of their pastures. We got it done not a moment to soon they ended up pulling six cows out of the mud.
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