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Saturday, July 15, 2006
VOL. Issue 7I
It's Too Darn HOT!
The Temp hit 108 degrees at press time. The good news is that the wind chill is 107. Thank God for the wind, eh! Keloland has forecasted 111 degrees for Pierre, just as Harold Hinkle did a few days ago. For some prospective, Baghdad's high temp for today was 112 degrees (no word on their wind chill). Phillip, South Dakota is at 113 degrees. Long story short, if you have a way to keep cool, you better be using it, bub!
We were going to but the song "Too Darn Hot" in the South Dakota Songbook, but the words are too racy. We thought the words were, "I'd like to cool with my baby tonight", but they're not!
Corrections and Apologies
Well, it's just like they say "Always get the story from the horses mouth, as opposed to the other end." It turns out that indeed both of Lucille Myers sister are dead, and it looks they will stay that way for a spell. Agnes Hahn hosted Lucille, Pearl Haiwick, Ernie and Virginia Engle, and Mary Hinkle last night. Ernie is the son of Ethel Engle, who is in turn the sister of Lucille Myers. Ethel was the only Haiwick in her generation to be born before her aunt Agnes. This has all been verified by the Greg Myers book, "Your Haiwick Connection". A book that, much like grandma's nightgown, covers just about everything.
Publisher To Celebrate Birthday Early
As most of you are aware, Tuesday is the birthday of our courageous, dynamic Publisher. When asked what he's like to do on his birthday, he replied, "Bike with The Ditty Bops through Kansas". Of course, what he wants to do, and what he actually will end up doing, are going to be totally different.
Tonight the Hinkle family may be going with the Wurts family to celebrate their birthdays at Lower Brule or Fort Thompson. Linda Wurts has already turned 39 this year, but they give folks a week grace period. If they do end up going, Jerry will not gamble. He intends to donate $10 at most, and then he's done. Of course travelling in this heat is a gamble.
Tomorrow the plan is for the Hinkles to pick up a Hot Stuff pizza, then take it to the Come Hahn Inn and eat it before it gets cold. That should not be too hard considering the state of weather here lately.

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