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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

VOL. V Issue 7F
HOT Time In Holabird
With 3 digit temps forecast for Pierre, It may be time for everyone in the area to get into their nearest swimming pool and stay there for a few hours. The Highmore pool used to require a cold shower before entering the swimming area. They wouldn't get an argument today.
Paul Rollie said on KPLO that Pierre would see 103 degrees today. Keloland's Shawn Cable is forecasting 106. UBS Meteorologist, Storm Chaser, says it's gonna be HOT in Holabird. That's all we need to know. Where did we put the ice cream?
Oh by the way, the picture to your left is of Ms. Amanda on the slide at a restaurant in Denver. The reason it's displayed is to illustrate how just how hot HOT is.
Harold Hinkle has heard that it will be as HOT as 111 degrees this weekend. That's right, 111 degrees. That's 111 degrees HOT! But it is supposed to cool off on Monday.
Hanson is Wishing for Fishing
Professor Kenneth L. Hansen, of Waldorf College, will be arriving in Highmore next Monday for some heavy duty fishing. It's not known if he will bring his granddaughter, Evy Geitzenauer, to use as bait. We do know she has expressed interest in coming out to fish in South Dakota.
Mary Hinkle is tentatively planning to have a campout at Fort Thompson. Larry and Bonnie Nickleson already have plans to go camping out at Lake Thompson with Sandy Schupner and her family.
The trip will be rewarding for Joan Hansen, as Reverend Jerry Hinkle of the Universal Life Church will be donating several dozen aluminum cans with Iowa stamps on them to her mission in the Apple Chain mountains, proving he remembers to donate them. Harold Hinkle will help him remember, as he wants them out of E.E. Hinkle's basement for some reason. E.E. Hasn't complained about them yet, but that's not the issue.
Only a Texan Can Afford This
There is word that Bert Caraway has heard of the possibility of naming a city in South Dakota after his wife. A small possibility, but it is there. Would you believe that all Bert said is, "Do you think it would be a good investment?"?
To answer Bert's question, the boys at the Hinkle Brothers Mutual Fund say "No, it's more of a tax write-off ". That's because he wouldn't actually be buying the town. They aren't that desperate yet. Bert could start by naming the park "Virginia City Park"
A Death in the Kennedy Family
We are a little late getting this in, but Joe Kennedy's son, Jacob died in a car accident on the 4th of July. George and Mavis went to Casper Saturday for the funeral. According to Mavis, he was 16 or 17. He was Buck and MaryAnn Kennedy's grandson. They had a good 4th until that happened. A search of the Casper, Wyoming newspaper's website turned up no obituary, and even though were are horribly late, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish to offer our condolences and heartfelt sympathy at this time of loss.

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