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Monday, July 10, 2006

VOL. V Issue 7D
Hunter and The Harley
Shannon Jurgens reports that her son, Hunter Mees, got to be in the Hot Harley Nights parade that the Make a Wish foundation puts on every year to raise money. As she tells it, "Hunter and Alan rode in a black Corvette, along with 8 other "wish" kids in their "own" Corvettes. Following them were a TON of Harley motorcycles."
Hunter and his brother Houston got to sit on one of the bikes. The owner was nice enough to let them use the bike for pictures. One such picture appears left through the courtesy of Shannon's telephone (isn't the 21st century something) Governor M. Michael Rounds was lucky enough to be in the photo as well. Shannon also tells us that the people who saw Hunter ride by in the parade had said that his big huge smile never left his face! All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are glad he had something to smile about.
In The Valley-Township That Is
Swimming Pools-Blogging Stars
OK, so they're not exactly hillbillies! But the Hinkle family does have a pool, and they use it for swimming. It is an old stock tank with just enough water to drown someone who isn't careful. It also is reported to have a slow leak.
Reverend Jerry Hinkle of the Universal Life Church is considering having baptismal services for those who've never done that, and are looking for an excuse. The baptism is free, but the certificate will cost $36.
The pool didn't cost $300,000, like in Highmore, but it's not heated. There are also dead bugs in it, but then the won't bite you.
Park for Sale- Not so Cheap
by Jerry Hinkle,
Holabird Advocate Publisher
I have been told that the East Park in Highmore is up for sale on E-Bay. A search of that site has turned up only a picture postcard of the Prairie View Motel. If someone can provide me with a viable link, perhaps one of my well-healed Readers will put forth a bid.
Perhaps for enough money, they will consider renaming the town. How does "Virginia City, South Dakota" grab you? I'm sure my Uncle Bert has a few dollars he can spare in such a worthy cause! Of course, Highmore is nowhere near as beautiful as she is, but then she's not 124 years old either.

Thanks Jerry,
I sent the link of this site to family that weren't sure how to open the pictures I had sent to them. Now they get to see a very nice one. Take care.
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