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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
VOL. V Issue 7C
America Works on 4th
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate took the day off from our usual work yesterday. A lot of other folks did as well. There were others, however, that did not have the day off. In Pierre, every shop in the Mall was open. As was Walmart, KFC, Pizza Hut, and all the fireworks stands. Doug Hinkle joined the rescue squad to get a stranded boat out of the river, and all of its passengers to safety. Lets not forget about Bridget Deuter in Iraq and Gene Luze in Afghanistan. They put in some working time, we're sure!
If you took the day off yesterday, well that certainly was your right to do so. Thank God you are in a country that you are able to celebrate freedom. If you had to work yesterday, just know this. You were in some pretty good company.
No Word From Kennedys Yet
Jerry Hinkle, Holabird Advocate's courageous, dynamic Publisher has been waiting to here when his cousin, Kassidee Kennedy, will be in Wyoming so he can see her. As it happens, she only has about two weeks vacation before she has to get back to work in Prague.
The Come to Jesus Taxi has been acting up again. Actually it has been acting down. The battery keeps losing power, often at an inopportune rime. Darrel Hinkle blames this on the alternator. Jerry believes that he may have to go to Wyoming by bus, even though there is most likely not a direct bus route from Holabird, South Dakota to Upton, Wyoming.
Another possibility is for Jerry to go along with his sister-in-law Kristi Hinkle when she goes west. This is, of course, providing she goes while Kassidee is home. Jerry has offered to pay for the gas. Truth be told, the bus may be the cheaper option.
How Stupid Can You Be?
We've decided not to do a separate blog to answer the, "How stupid can you be?" question. Instead, we will do segments whenever we find an answer to the question. Our first item is from "The People's Almanac":
It seems that a thief entered a young lady's home, where she was beaten and raped. He then held her at gunpoint, demanding she empty her purse. He discovered that she had only a few dollars. "How do you pay your bills?" he demanded. "By check.", was her shaky reply. The gunman then insisted she write him a $20 check, then raised his demand to $50. "Who do you want me to make it out to?" she asked her assailant. "Charles A. Merriweather!", he proudly declared. When she finished writing she handed him the check. He left her with a threat, "This better be good, or I'll be back!"
Charles A. Merriweather was arrested the following morning still carrying the same weapon. The victim identified him, and the gun.

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