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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

VOL. V Issue 6D
Hyde County Has Ordination Celebration
by Peg J. Zilverberg, Special correspondent
Holabird Advocate Newsblog
Rev. Mr. (Deacon) Kevin Zilverberg (top photo, right)was ordained to the transitional diaconate at St. Joseph Cathedral, Sioux Falls, SD on June 1, 2006. Kevin, along with 3 other men, Shane Stevens of Sioux Falls, Tom Anderson of Pierre, and Brother Michael Peterson of Blue Cloud Abbey were ordained by the apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Sioux Falls, Bishop Samuel Aquila. Bishop Aquila is from Fargo, ND and has been the administrator for Sioux Falls while we wait for a new bishop to be appointed. Deacon Kevin is working at Holy Spirit Parish, Sioux Falls for his summer assignment. He will be attending a conference on Latin in Mexico the latter part of July. When the fall semester begins, he will be finishing his last year in Denver at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary. God willing, next year at this time he will be ordained a priest.
Rev. (Father) David Axtmann (top photo, left)was ordained to the priesthood on June 2, 2006 in the Cathedral along with Andrew Dickinson. Beginning July 6th he will be assigned to St. Michael's Parish in Sioux Falls. Along with many others in attendance from the area, I was able to receive a blessing from Fr. Dave on the first day of his priesthood.
The St. John's and St. Mary's Parishes of Harrold and Highmore hosted a reception for our 2 newly ordained men on Sunday, June 4th after mass. The outpouring of community support was apparent with over 300 people in attendance. Nick Nemec (bottom photo)was the MC of a short program.
I believe that all Christians should attend an ordination at least once in their lifetime. To witness the lifelong vows that deacons and priests make and to actually feel God's power flowing through everyone in attendance is truly a mountaintop experience. In particular the laying on of hands is very moving. Each deacon or priest lays his hands on the newly ordained men in silence. I could almost see the Holy Spirit coming down on each of the new men. A chance to listen to the Cathedral Choir is another good reason for attending an ordination. They are very well directed, beautiful music, magnificent harmonies. The acoustics in the Cathedral are awesome for large musical groups. Experiencing the reverence, wonder, awe, and pageantry of these ordinations was a memory of a lifetime for me.
A Family Gathers For E.E. Hinkle
In what can only be called a difficult situation, relatives of E.E. Hinkle are coming and going at will. Kelvin and Donna Kennedy brought Mavis Kennedy out to the Ponderosa yesterday, staying for just a few hours. Doug Hinkle came up tonight to check things out for himself. Sometimes the atmosphere takes on a "Deathwatch 2006" vibe. At other times things are a little lighter. E.E's life force ebbs and flows with so many twists and turns that nobody knows for sure what to expect. He isn't in as much pain as he used to be, thanks to something called a "pain patch". Home Health Care is looking kinda doubtful, as nobody seems to provide it in this area. What is provided is that which the family is doing already. On the good side, E.E. Hinkle was doing his "arm exercises" today. If only his feet moved that good. He also drank a small amount of "Boost". This variety has extra protein, which he sure needs. The grip of his hands comes and goes each moment. One time there is the familiar "Milkers grip". The next minute, he's barely holding on.
It's not all solemn and somber. The family has time for fun. Harold Hinkle took Ed and Donna Wallis over to the Gary Zilverberg place, where city girl Donna got to hold a live raccoon. Donna enjoyed that until Zane told her it was wormy. Never a dull moment!
While some members of the family are making funeral plans, Jerry Hinkle remains optimistic. He knows that E.E. has more days behind him than in front of him. But when Jesus comes to collect him, E.E will be ready. When that day comes, Jerry will be ready to let go. Jerry has a job to do concerning his grandfather. A job that is not done yet. Until then, keep on praying for him. It's working!
Make Room For Addie
Kevin and Jamie Hansen produced a baby girl at 11:15 AM this morning. Addison Marie Hansen weighed in at 8 lbs. 4 oz. She measures 20 inches long. Grandparents include Ken and Joan Hansen. And becoming a proud great grandmother for the very 37th time is Agnes Hahn. She joins an older brother, Ethan in the family. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish Addison a warm welcome to the world.

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