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Saturday, June 03, 2006

VOL. V Issue 6B
Better Late Than Never
Difficulties with the scanner have gone away, seemingly by itself. Anyway, to the left is the June offering for The Ditty Bops.
In other news relating to the Ditty Bops, A poem that our Publisher wrote was complimented by Jane Lane from The Ditty Bops Website. As she put it the poem was, "Cute and sad at the same time. That takes talent. We'll see about publishing the poem if just so much as one Reader requests it.
On a completely different subject, we found this offering from the Bliss comic strip amusing. We hope you do as well!
E.E. Hinkle Declines Again
It is getting difficult for E.E. Hinkle to swallow food. When he does swallow, some of it comes up again. His lungs are filling up as well. It is feared he is coming down with pneumonia. As for what to do next, the Hinkle family is looking into Home Health Care. The hospital does not seem a good option, as the last time he was admitted the staff acted as though they didn't want him in there. Getting a hospital bed into the Ponderosa Pines Old Age? Assistance Home is also a priority, so E.E. can sit up easier. He has also been in a lot of pain. As he puts it, he "Aches all over". Tylenol doesn't seem to do the trick for him either.
Joyce Ferris came back to help out as best as she can.
Rev. Jenene Earl from the Methodist BHH Parish came to see him this afternoon. It was comforting for the family to know she thought that much of E.E. and his family. This current state of affairs has shown the Hinkle family who their true friends are.
Myers Hill Gets Thunderstorm
In the late afternoon and early evening, Hyde County was under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. According to The Weather Channel and Keloland's Live Doppler in Huron, the Myers Hill area is getting the brunt of the storm. It was predicted that the storm would bring nickel sized hail, among other things. Hopefully we can count on an official report in the future. It's not all bad news at the Myers place. Since Rachel Myers is a full blown lawyer now, perhaps she can sue mother nature for storm damages. Either way, they are in our prayers this night.

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