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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
VOL. V Issue 5N
UBS/Holabird Advocate Reaches 900th Post
Universal Blogcasting Services reaches a milestone with this edition of the Holabird Advocate. In the 4.5 year history of the Holabird Advocate Newsblog we have managed to post 900 times. Usually when we reach a century mark we try to do something special. We are at a loss however, as for how to make this a special occasion. Perhaps we'll do a better job on post 1000.
E.E. Hinkle Declines Again
for 103 year old E.E. Hinkle, life has been full of ups and downs lately. Sunday morning, he walked to morning vittles, and then he went back to bed. He has not walked, or even stood up, since then. E.E.'s Grandson, Jerry Hinkle is being upbeat, knowing that his grandfather has had setbacks before. Still, even a cat has just 9 lives. This makes something like 11 lives for him.
There has been some talk of putting the old boy in the nursing home. Jerry is hoping that doesn't happen until every other available option has been exhausted. Part of the problem is his appetite, which comes and goes. Mary Hinkle had to spoon feed E.E. dinner today, yet this afternoon, Jerry wheeled him to the table for pudding, and he ate half a bowl. He's not exactly on the mend yet, but it is cause for some hope. Right now it's a case of Need vs. Want. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope that his family will prayerfully consider what is in the best interest for E.E. Hinkle. A national treasure such as he deserves that much.
Visitors Come and Go at Ponderosa
Harold and Mary Hinkle left for Roy Lake last Thursday morning with Agnes Hahn in the role of passenger. K.C., Marta, and Kyle Ferris surprised Ken and Joyce Ferris with a birthday visit, later deciding to spend time at the Ponderosa on Sunday night, where Mavis Kennedy tried to fill everyone's plate with good things, including LaRayne Hinkle's recipe for lemon pie. The Ferris family decided to stay overnight, despite the thunderstorm which yielded .36 of an inch of rain. Once again on Monday morning, Mavis left no mouth unfed just before they left to go to the funeral of Ken's uncle in Draper. Harold and Mary brought Agnes back in the same shape she was in when they left. Mavis served food once again, but nobody was hungry.
This morning, Mavis served "cowboy breakfast" before she and George Kennedy left to keep doctor appointments. Even then, the visitors came, when Norval (Norm) and Vera Goehring stopped by for a spell. Mary offered to have them come in for refreshments, but Norm thought they'd find a better place to eat down the road (fat chance, eh).
Vacation Over for Hunter Mees
As the song goes, it's "Back to life. Back to reality. Back to the here and now." Hunter, his brother, Houston, his dad Scott, His mother Shannon, and her fiance Alan, had as much fun as humans can without going to jail from the sound of things. They went on a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise. They started from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis and then to Orlando, Florida. Then they got on the Disney bus and drove to Port Canaveral to get on the Disney Magic! From Shannon's report, the Disney magic sounds like a pretty fair sized boat to float on. There were 4 ports of call. First it was Key West, Florida. The Grand Caymans were next. While there they took a smaller boat to Rum Point. Cozemel, Mexico was the next day.
One thing we know for sure is that the group didn't forget to eat. This ship had more food than Mavis Kennedy's kitchen. They even managed to get in a little swimming and a little shopping (for sun screen, among other things) before coming hope. Shannon will supply us with pictures when they are ready. Welcome home, Guys!

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