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Thursday, May 25, 2006
VOL. V Issue 5L
Hunter Mees Makes Wish
The Make A Wish Foundation had Hunter Mees on their list. It appears that a Disney Cruise is what he came up with. It wasn't reported who went along, but some Hunter's crew claim they gained 10 lbs. From all the food. As Shannon Jurgens put it, "WOW!". It is clear to all of us here at the Holabird Advocate that Hunter is having quite a bit of fun.
Their family motto is "We're on vacation!", but from the sound of things some of the crew should have "Don't forget the sunscreen" as well. Shannon will just have to sing the Red Lobster jingle to remind them next time. The adults have even availed themselves of a massage or two.
Exactly where they are, and where they're is not clear. They have passed by Cuba, and at last report were headed to the Grand Cayman Islands. The kids have collected seashells from the beaches along the way.
How wonderful it is that just back in November this family had a very sick little boy on their hands, and now he's back and better. Which brings us to our Publisher's family motto, "God is good!". He sure came through for Hunter, and the rest of us!
E.E. Hinkle Takes To Sickbed
Tuesday evening, E.E. Hinkle fell down in his house, hurting his shoulder. Though he claims not to be in any pain, it is obvious that he is hurting. Of course he wants no part of the hospital, preferring the safety of his own bed at the Ponderosa Pines Old Age Assistance Home.
Mavis had been in a sickbed of her own after wrenching her back. But she hasn't had much time to be sick since arriving yesterday afternoon with husband, George Kennedy.
Positions Filled
Earlier we had advertised for a cub reporter and photographer to go to Sioux Falls. Things are not how we had perceived them last week, so plans have changed. While reading the Highmore Herald last week, our Publisher thought that June 4 was the instillation of both David Axtmann and Kevin Zilverberg. It now appears that the installation in Sioux Falls is on June 2, with a reception in Highmore on June 4. This means that Jerry Hinkle will be able to take the cub reporter position.
The photographer position appears to be taken as well. Kevin's mother, Peg Zilverberg has expressed interest. She has had experience, and on top of all else, she has consented to do it for next to nothing. So now Jerry won't have to dig around in the sofa cushions for loose change.
The Meaning of HELLO
submitted by Connie Hopkins
Sit back and read about HELLO.

Have you ever thought what this word stands for? Read on....

Do you know that a simple "hello" can be a sweet one?

The word H E L L O means:

H=How are you?

E= Everything all right?

L= Like to hear from you

L= Love to see you soon!

O=Obviously, You are my friend..

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