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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

VOL. V Issue 5K
The Ditty Bops Release on
Harold Hinkle's Birthday
Today may be "New Music Tuesday", but to the Hinkle family it is Harold Hinkle's date of birth as well. We won't divulge his age, but we will say that he is younger than Joan Collins (who isn't?) even if he's not quite as cute as she is (few are).
The Ditty Bops are celebrating New music Tuesday with their second album on the WB label. Tonight they are performing at Amoeba Music in Holly wood, but our Publisher will not be in attendance. He will be tuned into "Morning Becomes Eclectic"
Meanwhile, back to reality. Cade "Cader the hater" Hinkle has been visiting the Ponderosa since Sunday night, and will be going back home soon. This will be welcome news to our Publisher's ears, because the youngest living Hinkle keeps shouting "I hate you!" at the top of his lungs. He'll be fun in the teen years, eh!
It was so hot at the Ponderosa today that Harold got the air conditioner up and running. It cooled of for the rain. All .16 of an inch of it.
Cade, Justin, and Shelby Hinkle "helped" their Grandma, Mary Hinkle make a cake for Harold's big day. As soon as Doug Hinkle came to collect his son, the kids of all ages started eating their handiwork. It was quite good.
Luau on the Lake Gets Underway
The days are coming ever closer to the Luau on the Lake. Roy Lake that is. Swimming pools, movie stars, and fish. People are getting concerned about the menu. They know there will be plenty of food. Too much in some cases. They are just not sure of what food they will have too much of at this deal.
Getting ready is the hardest part. Harold Hinkle has been filling up the camper, as well as getting his boat, "The Last Chance" into ship shape. He is even thinking about pulling the "Last Chance" behind the camper. He may have second thoughts about that.
Right now the plan is for Agnes Hahn to bring her car up to the Ponderosa early on Thursday morning and keeping it stored inside to keep it out of the weather, asa well as to keep Jerry Hinkle away from the temptation of driving the car.
Mavis Kennedy is dragging herself out of her sick bed, and on Wednesday she and husband, George Kennedy, will be motoring up to help Jerry out, and keep him away from Agnes's car. The odds are about 50-50 that K.C. Ferris will show up sometime with Ken and Joyce Ferris this weekend.
Another Reader Goes Public
The home office has heard from a Mr. John M. Duffy of Fort Pierre. He claims that he is at least a weekly reader of our little Newsblog, and enjoys it. He's even turned some of his friends onto it. Our Publisher has also turned him on to the Ditty Bops!
Perhaps the most shocking thing he reported to us were some kind of changes at the Pierre Capital Journal. We're not sure what that's about, but there may be more Readers out in the Pierre area for us. We could move the home office to Pierre and rename ourselves the Crapital Journal. We could, but we won't.

Your Ditty Bops coverage is so complete. All I ever do is post photos of Sue Foley......

I can't take all the credit! I have a lot of help from the other fans of The Ditty Bops!
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