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Friday, May 19, 2006
VOL. V Issue 5J
Running of the Buffalo?
We have another answer to the question "How stupid can you be?"! A group in Deadwood wants to organize a bison run down main street similar to the running of the bulls in Spain. They say the two-day event would be a way to promote the bison industry and bison meat.
Of course, none of us here at the Holabird Advocate has ever herded buffalo, or bison. We have heard that these animals do not heard all that easy. In fact, we've heard that some of the bigger ranches have herd the herd with helicopters. Long story short, we don't think it's gonna work.
Holabird Advocate: The Book
Every once in a while, we see ads for services that will publish the archives of a blog into convenient book form. Would anyone in the world really pay good money to read four years worth of Holabird Advocate posts when they could read the blog for free pretty much anytime they felt like it? Our Publisher doesn't think so. Besides which, right now we only have an average daily circulation of 29 Readers. The only person who wants to read us, but can't, is Betty Phillips. Her life has not been shortened by not being able to read us either.
Help Wanted-Cheap
The Holabird Advocate Newsblog has two positions open for a freelance cub reporter and a photographer. The idea candidate for these positions will be going to Sioux Falls to cover the ordinations of Kevin Zilverberg of Holabird and David Axtmann of Highmore. Salary is open, but don't expect too much. Stock options are available for all players in the Blog$hare game.

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