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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
VOL. V Issue 5E
UBS Endorses Independent
The UBS Network has discovered through the SDWC grapevine that Ruth Wood of rural Cresbard is running as an Independent candidate for District 23 House of Representatives. District 23 includes the Holabird area. Believe it or not, our courageous, dynamic Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, not only knows the candidate, but has also worked with Mrs. Wood for the Census Bureau back in the Summer of 1998. He can testify that this is one sharp lady who is tough, but fair. She would be an excellent Representative, and District 23 would be lucky to have her.
Greenhouse Closer to Opening
Darrel and Kristi Hinkle will be getting up bright and early (well, actually it will be dark and early) tomorrow morning to pick up the inventory for Kristi's Greenhouse. Kristi intends to be open before the height of the Mother's Day shopping season. Anyone who has a mother should buy her something from Kristi's Greenhouse, if at all possible. And there's no better way to dress up a drab Graduation reception than with a beautiful flower arrangement from the best greenhouse in Hyde County.
With Agnes Hahn-the Eyes Have it
If last weekend is any indication, Agnes Hahn's feet are in fine form. Now her Optometrist claims that her eyes are in good shape as well. One thing she does not have to look forward to is surgery for cataracts. At least not anytime soon.
Reba-"She's A Survivor"
by Jerry Hinkle
Holabird Advocate Publisher
A few couple weeks ago, two new "local channels" were added to the satellite dish. Those being Minnesota Public TV and the Sioux Falls WB station. The latter has a new show that I've never seen before. Let me tell you about it.
OK, so "Reba" may not be new to some folks. In fact, it's not really that new to me. It looks like a redo of the old Roseanne show. Reba is little more than a skinny version of Roseanne Barr here. She works on the show behind the scenes too. Yet the show works. Color me surprised, but the show is actually funny. Reba is careful to give herself the best lines, but her delivery is flawless. Her comic talent almost make up for having to look at her ugly face, stringy hair, and buggy whip body. And at least she doesn't sing much (just the theme song, which is mercifully short)
Of course if eye candy is your thing, there is Joanna Garcia, who plays Becky-I mean Cheyenne. Definitely a top ten gal. Even the actress who plays Darlene-OOPS-Kyra isn't too bad looking. The most annoying character has got to be the "Aunt Jackie" who in this version is the second wife of Reba's ex-husband. She's got to tone it down a notch. Of course, it gives the viewer more sympathy for Reba's character, thereby showing us the "Funny".
Despite what I have said here, I really like the show. It's a real entertaining look at white trash. The truly amazing part is that one expects this show to go full-on Jerry Springer at any minute. Like the man says, "It's called acting" Take it for what it is. I know I will.

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