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Monday, May 08, 2006

VOL. V Issue 5D
Seth Zilverberg Graduates SDSU
What once was just a rumor is now a fact. Seth Zilverberg graduated Saturday from SDSU with an animal science degree. Even at that, Seth wasn't scheduled for his last final until today. That is faith in action right there. After certain other considerations, Seth will be back in Holabird some time in the next week or so. Once here, he will put what he has learned to the test, and to see for himself the difference between theory and practice.
Seth is pictured left (courtesy of his mother, Peg Zilverberg, Thanks Peg)
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate want to wish Seth well and congratulate him on a job well done.
Mai Fest is Over-Fun is Just Starting
It was not without incident, but the Hinkles managed to get to the Twin Cities area for Mai Fest. Harold Hinkle pulled into the driveway of the Larry and Phyllis Ehlers house shortly before 3 pm Friday. At that point, Harold was all too happy to turn driving duties over to Larry, who did an excellent job getting all passengers to the required destination in one piece throughout the duration of the weekend.
The next day the men hit all the neighborhood yard sales. It was reported Harold gleaned his share from all of the respective free boxes. The Ladies broke off into two groups, with casual shoppers going to the World Market, while the more serious shopping was done at the new outdoor mall.
The shopping was over in time for Mai Fest at 6 pm. There was a wide variety of German food there. Among the delights were sauerkraut, red cabbage (although some said it was purple), two different potato salads (hot and cold), and three kinds of German sausages. They were serving for 100 people. No word on just how many of them showed.
Susan Geitzenauer, Joan's daughter, was a flawless hostess. She shared a brief testimonial of her mother. Joan's favorite son, Kevin followed up with some words of his own. After all was said, Professor Kenneth Hansen of Waldorf College pronounced the blessing
The band, "The Squires" which we will profile later did get more that a few of the Festers on their feet. Among the best dancers was Monte Caraway, who even surprised his own mother with his prowess. And while we'd never embarrass anyone by calling them the worst dancer, the most original would have to be our own Publisher, Jerry Hinkle. He did a bizarre combination of the polka, tango, and Mexican hat dance with the Joan Hansen, the guest of honor. This was all to the tune of "My Wild Irish Rose". Joan later apologized to Jerry if she had embarrassed him. This is ironic, as he was doing his dead level best to embarrass her.
It was casually mentioned that at Joan's age of 65, she is now over the hill. That makes for a downhill slide. We don't know if that's true, but we do know that people who ski have said that the downhill slide is the fun part. May that be said for Joan, and indeed for us all. She is a good strong woman who is an inspiration to all who know her. So in the words of The Squires "RAISE YOUR GLASSES" And toast Joan with a chorus or two of "Ein Prosit"
Kristi Hinkle's Greenhouse Gets
New Foundation at New Location
The Village was assembled to raise Kristi's Greenhouse this afternoon for the 2006 gardening season. It is in a new location, just south of the East City Park in Highmore, South Dakota. The lot is the former location of the Hyde County Rough Riders Snowmobile Club House. If the good Lord is willing, this will be the permanent location.
This is part of the reason that this edition of the Holabird Advocate is so late in coming. One of the villagers, Jerry Hinkle, caught a cold and has been stuffed up all day. Kristi seemed to get the idea that Jerry was hungover. As it is, Jerry refuses to take any cold medicine with alcohol, choosing to tough it out instead.
All about the Squires
Like their website declares, they are not just another polka band! The Squires is a 4-piece dance band from the St. Paul area that has been playing for wedding dances and various parties since 1973! Our instrumentation includes :
Accordion, Guitar/Bass, Saxophone, and Drums plus full harmonic vocals.
This unique mix of instrumentation allows them to play a broad spectrum of music that many other bands can't. their music consists of a large variety of dance music that has proven to meet the needs of all types fun occasions for many years.
They have played all over the state of Minnesota, but they do have contacs in the Sioux Falls area. They are not exactly The Ditty Bops, but they're not too shabby at that.
Check them out yourself at their website http://www.squiresband.luths.net/ They even have some MP3 samples here
South Dakota Songbook
"Ein Prosit " A Salute to Your Health or Well-being
With glass in hand
Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der gemiitlichkeit
Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der gemiitlichkeit
(Cheer!) Eins, zwer, Dreif g'suffa!
Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke, hoi, hoi, hoi,
Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke, hoi, hoi, hoi,

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