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Friday, July 08, 2005

VOL. IV Issue 7D
The Ditty Bops Opening Act for Dan Hicks June 10
The Ditty Bops are opening 2 shows for Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks this Sunday in LA. They are so excited about this because his music has had a great influence on them. The shows are at:
The Mint
6010 W. Pico Blvd.
LA, CA 90036
Doors: 7:00pm & 9:30pm
Check the concert listings on The Ditty Bops website for updates on showtimes and ticket prices They will also have one more show in LA in earlyAugust before beginning our tour with somebody named Tori Amos. Details will be forthcoming. Holabird Advocate Readers can visit their web site at www.thedittybops.com
And here is another piece of news related to The Ditty Bops. So far on the Holabird Advocate Vote Caster it is unanimous that Ms. Amanda's hair is, in fact orange. Ms. Amanda (pictured right) is one half of the talented team that make up The Ditty Bops. Anyone who wishes to weigh into this issue is encouraged to go to the Vote Caster page link found near the bottom of the Front Page of the Holabird Advocate. There are many other trivial issues there as well.
Kassidee Kennedy to Czech out Europe
Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle is proud to announce that his cousin, Kassidee Kennedy, is giving up the pampered American live to become a missionary in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. She is very excited about this prospect, and is looking forward to the adventure, and so are all of us here at the Holabird Advocate.
The Holabird Church of Universal Life is going to help her out too. They have almost $70 that they intend on using to sow seed into the ministry. Only $50 more to go. They were going to use that money for the Christian Worship Hour, but there has been a change in plans. Anyone who wishes to donate to either endeavor with the church or on their own is welcome to do so. As with the Holabird Church of Universal Life, the organization that Kassidee is working with doesn't take Pay Pal.
Trust Entertainment Tonight to Get it Wrong
by Jerry Hinkle, Holabird Advocate Publisher
I shouldn't be so hard on E.T. After all, they are giving us all something to laugh about in this great time of tragedy. Mainly themselves.
I was deeply touched that after 9/11, the British played "The Star Spangled Banner" at their Changing of the Guard Ceremony. America did something similar after yesterday's attack, Playing God save the Queen at our ceremony at Arlington National. Not much of a gesture either time, but still symbolic. My heart goes out to all British Subjects at this time. My comments are not directed at any of those folks. Should you get offended, I apologize to each and every one of you in advance.
Entertainment Tonight is a good example of how not to report news. They are slightly above average at what they do, but poor in the area of hard news. Many people died in the bombings that occurred on 7/7, many more were hurt, and I guess some are still trapped in their "Tube" system. Did E.T. mention that? No! They were more concerned with the fact that, "Gwyneth lives there!" and the fact that "Madonna lives there!". I say "So what?". They made their choice to live there, and now they are paying for it. The kicker came a few seconds later with, "David Schwimmer is trapped in the Tube, and nobody has heard from him!". If this had been Lisa Kudrow, I'd have swum across the ocean with my #12 scoop shovel to dig her out myself. But, DAVID SCHWIMMER?!? That's really too much. Five minutes later, they do a feature on Matthew Perry, where he says that he stays in contact with his "Friends" co-stars and, "They're all doing great." (oh-oh, someone didn't get the memo).
All kidding aside, I hope that every pampered celebrity in London, and anyone unfortunate enough to be trapped with them come out of this OK. Some will blame W for the events of 7/7, they may even blame America. Let's not forget that it wasn't us that did this, it was them.

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