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Thursday, February 24, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 2N
Supreme Court Panel Upholds
Janklow Manslaughter Conviction
The second-degree manslaughter and reckless driving convictions of former Representative and Governor, Bill Janklow, have been unanimously upheld by a South Dakota Supreme Court panel. The panel, made up of five substitute Justices said that Janklow received a fair trial and there was enough evidence to convict him.
Janklow was found guilty of killing Randy Scott, 55, of Hardwick, Minnesota, when his motorcycle collided with a Cadillac Janklow was driving on August 16th, 2003, near Trent, South Dakota.
Authorities say Janklow sped through a stop sign at an intersection of two rural highways. Janklow says he was in a diabetic stupor and remembers nothing about the crash. Janklow argued in his appeal that there was insufficient evidence to prove that he recklessly killed Scott, but the Supreme Court panel disagreed with Jankow's contention.
All five South Dakota's Supreme Court Justices disqualified themselves from the case because the politician had appointed four of them while he was governor and had named a fifth justice earlier as a circuit judge. Although the 65-year-old Janklow has completed a 100-day jail sentence, he had hoped to use the appeal to clear the felony from his record.
Holabird Advocate G-mail Stands at 29 MB
As of today, the Holabird Advocate has collected 29 MB of electronic mailings so far. That's just a little less than 3% of the total possible capacity. We have noticed that a good deal of this is spam. Apparently we too can get a "rolax watch" like J. Lo and Britney if we so desire. We have also been invited to purchase adult DVD videos, but seeing as our Publisher is also a minister, we will have to pass on that. Of course, our favorite G-mail is from our Readers, telling us how much they like the Holabird Advocate. Keep that G-mail coming! We have plenty more room.
Memo to CBS: Enough interruptions Already
by Jerry Hinkle, courageous, dynamic Publisher
Holabird Advocate
I really don't understand it, CBS. You tend to interrupt programming for "Special News Reports" without knowing any details of what you are reporting. The whole world truly cares about the Pope, CBS. And you should break into programming when you have news of his condition. But what I just can't abide is interrupting when you have no new details. Heck, you were unsure of old details. This was only just about 10 minutes before you had your usually scheduled News Break.
This is not the first time you've done this, CBS. I wish it would be the last, but it won't. As I recall, sometime last year, you interrupted on of the CSI shows five minutes before the late local news with something that could have waited. That didn't bother me so much because I wasn't watching CSI. Still Yassir Arafat dying could have waited five minute. Likewise, Pope John Paul living could have waited 10 minutes. Now if something happens to the Pope, by all means tell us what it is and move along. Otherwise, get your story straight before you interrupt mine. I hope this shoddy operation improves when Dan Rather retires next month. Thank you for your time, and may God bless you, CBS. May God also help you.

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