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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 2M
Valley Township Faces Disorganization
Hyde County, South Dakota has two organized townships. Those being Valley and William Hamilton, and Valley. Some new laws that have just come down from above may change that. It seems that some devil worshiping One World Government type wants the organized township board members to be bonded for more money than Valley Township has on hand.
The Township will meet at the usual meeting place (wherever that is) on March, 1, 2005 to see if this will, in fact, be the last meeting. A certain percentage of the township's residents must be present to vote at this meeting for anything to be decided on way or the other.
All of us at the Holabird Advocate are glad that Henry Single didn't live to see this day. He is surely turning over where he lays right now.
Professor Hansen to "Spring Break" It
Spring Break for Waldorf College starts tomorrow. While the kids go down to Florida for some possibly booze-filled, clothing optional clothing fun by the water, Professor Ken Hansen is looking for some possibly booze-filled clothing optional fun at a Sioux Falls Hotel with indoor pool. He is hoping for Harold Hinkle to show him where some place called the "Prairie Chicken" is. Things may not get too out of hand, however, as the wives are going along, and possibly taking their mother, Agnes Hahn, along with them for a chaperone.
This will be the last Spring Break for Joan Hansen, who will be retiring after many years of service as a librarian at Waldorf. To her we give a 21 book salute for a job well done.
OOPS! Looks like we Goofed again!
It has been a policy to acknowledge every person who publicly admits to enjoying the Holabird Advocate in one way or another. It has recently come to our attention that one name has been omitted in a most heinous fashion. That of Janet Kopecky. Janet grew up just down the road from the Ponderosa. She left the simple country life for the hustle and bustle of the big city of Highmore, and is presently the Postmaster of that great city. Perhaps it is because of her quiet nature, her kind heart, and gentle spirit that she did not complain about being ignored. Still, we are sorry it took so long to recognize her. We know that she has not stopped reading here because of it, but now, she can continue knowing how much her support has meant.

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