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Monday, February 21, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 2L
Brittany Hinkle Recovers From Education
Sometime last week, Brittany Hinkle was injured while playing a variation of Dodge Ball during her P.E. Class. She took a shot to her mid-section which injured both sides of her rib cage. She is feeling better now with either time, prayer or a combination of both healing her.
She was feeling really good when she thought there was a chance for her to go up to Myersville to see them butcher their pork and beef. Brit's father, Darrel Hinkle was invited by Kenny Myers, to see how it's done up there. In any event she feels much better now.
California Hinkles to "Rough it"
E.E. Hinkle's Brother, Don Hinkle, is just about 89 years old, yet he and wife, LaRayne Hinkle, plan to go camping at Quartzsite, Arizona later on this year with their daughter and son-in-law, Theresa and Ivan Berwager. LaRayne has had all matter of health problems in the last couple years, the biggest one is what her kids have named, "Bad Doctor Syndrome". But now, with blood pressure in check, they are ready to live it up. LaRayne's age, while not divulged her, is a closely guarded secret. As 102 year old E.E. Hinkle would say, "You're as old as you feel!"
Don, LaRayne and grandson Stryder Impyn, are going to be camping in South Dakota this coming May. They will be perusing their copy of South Dakota Magazine for the best camping and fishing spots. All of us at the Holabird Advocate suspect that Harold and Mary will help them out there as well.
"One Day at a Time" 30 Years Later
by Ethan Aniston,
Entertainment Editor, Holabird Advocate
The year was 1975, Jerry Ford was in the White House, women were on the warpath, and Norman Lear gave America a new sitcom called "One day at a Time". We were introduced to Ann Romano, MS. Ann Romano, that is, not that she let you forget it. The first truly liberated woman, possibly the first divorcee, in primetime television. She took no alimony from her ex-husband (though she did take child support for her two girls). She held down a job, was a single parent, even had a fella or two on the string. She didn't need a man, but occasionally she wanted one, I guess. You know how it is.
Ms. Romano would not be such a novel character these days, but it was really ground-breaking in the 70s. Life was not easy for her. In fact, when daughter Julie Cooper (played by Mackenzie Phillips) ran away from home, the situation took 3 episodes to resolve. Barbara Cooper (Played by Valerie Bertinelli) was a handful as well, but Ann and the girls muddled through as the theme song said, "one day at a time".
Of course, no article about this show would be complete without mention of Dwayne Flo Schneider (played by Pat Harrington Jr.) , one of the most unlikely sex symbols of the era. He should have had his own show, but it never was meant to be.
And now it's 30 years later. CBS will devote an hour to see what has been going on with the people behind the characters of this most loved show. I'll be watching with interest.

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