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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 2E
Mary Hinkle Plans Road Trip
With her window of opportunity getting more narrow everyday, Mary Hinkle has decided that she had better get a move on if she going to use her $100 coupon at the Terry Redlin Art Gallery in Watertown. This coupon runs out at months end. Harold sure seems up for it, as he's tired of having to go the emergency room to spend time with his wife. Darrel Hinkle is back from his snowmobile trip, and Harold jokes that he should take a turn sleeping at E.E. Hinkle's place while they are gone. The trip is tentatively scheduled to start sometime Thursday.
The Life and Times of Goehring's Ye Syau Ming
Goehring's Ye Syau Ming died Saturday, February 5, 2005, at the Animal Health Clinic in Yankton, SD at the age of 15 years and 11 days. Ye Syau Ming was whelped January 25, 1990 at Coleman Kennels, Springfield, S.D. Burial was in Wilbur and Lynette Goehring's backyard garden plot next to her mate Fubsi Chow.
Ye Syau Ming was acquired by Wilbur and Lynette Goehring on March 25, 1990 at age eight weeks and spent the balance of her life with them at 111 E. 15th St, Yankton, SD. She was mated to Goehring's Fubsi Chow on October 27, 1991. To this union four males and one female were whelped on December 31, 1991.
Ming enjoyed the 5 adult Goehring children, the 12 grandchildren and her lifelong companion Fubsi Chow. She also enjoyed traveling and camping in 12 states with Fubsi and the Goehrings. She attended numerous Goehring and Stroschein family gatherings and reunions through the years. She will be missed by all who knew and loved her. She is survived by two known sons. She was preceded in death by her mate Fubsi, one infant son, and one other known son a few years later. The fate of one son and daughter are unknown.
Phony Photo- Fab Funny or Floppy Failure?
Our Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, lifted a photograph from the South Dakota Magazine blog site and sent it out because he thought it was funny. It was a picture of Tom Daschle with his left hand over his heart. Some folks he sent it to thought it was funny, some did not. Some that didn't take to the photo were part of the "Dump Daschle" group last year. The picture was indeed a hoax. One can tell because of the noticeably absent wedding ring that the photo was doctored. They say a picture says 1000 words. This one is screaming "I'M A FAKE!". It is funny though.

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