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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
VOL. IV Issue 1P
Brittany Hinkle Shoots 'Em Up
Last Sunday afternoon, Brittany Hinkle got into a friendly little shooting match with her BB gun. She hit all 100 of her targets, 58 of them were hit dead center. Brit's BB gun coach is quite impressed with her shooting ability. Also with how well she pays attention. She is doing remarkably well for a 2nd Grader.
Holabird Church of Universal Life Goes To Plan B
Rather than spend $140,000 that it does not have, the Holabird Church of Universal Life has decided to protest the possibility of nude dancing in Highmore another way. According to Reverend Jerry Hinkle, they are going to wait until the possibility becomes reality. Then he will go to the establishment in question without the benefit of clothing. It is Reverend Hinkle hope and belief that once the public gets a load of him naked, they will lose their taste for nudity and beg the Highmore City Council for a ban on it. That is, once they recover their eyesight.
Let's Go See the DVD
by Jerry Hinkle,
Special to the Holabird Advocate
Are you tired of watching those unfunny sitcoms on TV? Got 20 minutes to kill? Well you may want to go to your local Nash-Finch store and buy one of the $1 DVDs on sale there. Earlier this Month I bought 3 of them. One was a movie, "His Girl Friday" (Already covered, read the review in the January 2005 archive), one was a game show, and the last an old time sitcom.
The game show is that 50s and early 60s classic, "You Bet Your Life". Groucho Marx is at his comical best as he spends the first few minutes trying to get contestants to "Say the secret woird (Brooklynese for word) and divide $100". Then there's the quiz, with which you can play along. At times that is just as funny. This I highly recommend.
The sitcom is "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" even the ads for carnation are entertaining. The plot lines can be predictable at times, but a surprise ending or two may sneak up on you. No wisecracking teenagers, no crude bathroom humor, and best of all, it's really funny stuff.
That's all for this month, if you have a videotape or DVD that you would like to recommend, drop me a Gmail. If you'd like me to watch it and report my findings, you can do that too. Until next time remember to treat your DVDs like they are made of glass, because they are.

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